Inside Ashley Furniture’s Premium Delivery Service

Buyers of Ashley Furniture might be curious about knowing, What Is Premium Delivery Of Ashley Furniture?

Premium delivery is the streamlined service offered by Ashley.

Ashley Furniture premium delivery includes complete residence delivery and assembly options. The Ashley HomeStores provides the facility of home decoring, unpacking, Organizing, assembling, and furnishing.

In the below article, you will come to know what does premium delivery mean? what it includes, is delivery free at ashley if not then how much is premium delivery at Ashley? 

What Does Premium Delivery Mean?

Premium delivery means providing quick delivery options to the buyers. In premium delivery, the producer satisfies the customers by giving fast and quick opportunities for delivery.

Usually, the premium delivery options include one-day and two-day delivery options. It is the fastest shipping method and even sometimes provides overnight shipping opportunities to shoppers.

Moreover, in premium delivery, the vendors or sellers fulfill high eligibility standers and offer quick-shipping options to the buyers. Thus, gaining the trust and satisfaction of their customers.

It is important to note that not all shoppers are eligible for premium delivery. 

The premium delivery is given to only those buyers who meet or exceed some requirements such as the valid tracking rate, on-time delivery rate, primary consumers, and so on.

If you want the seller to offer you premium delivery options, you must continue to meet the requirements.

Is Delivery Free At Ashley Furniture?

Ashley Furniture does have free delivery on specific items. Ashley is the king of modern and budget-minded furniture shoppers. 

The delivery fee at Ashley HomeStores varies from store to store and location to location and also, the dropoff location matters in the delivery fee. Ashley provides free deliveries to the nearer dropoff locations from the specific Ashley Homestore.

Moreover, by participating on Ashley Homestores or online on their Ashley deals page you can get good and mouthwatering free deliveries. The size of the product is one of the main factors of free delivery. The lesser the size the more chances of free delivery. 

Bear in mind, usually, free delivery is not available on larger products.

How Much Is The Delivery Fee Of Ashley Furniture?

Is Ashley Furniture Expensive? Ashley Furniture’s popularity revolves around the affordable price tags of the furniture pieces. Thus, is more convenient for budget-minded or short-in-money buyers. 

However, you may find some furniture pieces expensive still Ashley’s products are fair to purchase. Also, visit Can You Negotiate Furniture Price At Ashley?

The delivery fee for Ashley furniture is not a  precise one. The delivery fee ranges according to the dropoff location and the size of the product. For example, if a standard shipping order amount is up to $15 then the delivery fee of the product will be $14.95.

Below some standard shipping fees is enlisted;

  • $15.01 to $24.99 = $16
  • $25 to $45 = $18
  • $45 to $65 = $21
  • $200 to $300= $130
  • $400 to $500 = $250
  • $900 to $100 =$300
  • Over $1000 = $310

The delivery charges are also mentioned in the shopping cart. So, before placing the order you must have a deep look to avoid any inconvenience later.

What Is The Premium Home Delivery Of Ashley Furniture? 

The premium home delivery of Ashley furniture varies from location to location and market to market. Ashley Furniture is not only an American name in the furniture market rather it is an international name. 

Ashley HomeStores are located around the globe and they are a private franchise that sells the products of Ashley furniture industries.

In the premium home delivery of Ashley Furniture, the Ashley HomeStores provide complete delivery and assembly options. The delivery boys help you in adjusting, unboxing, decoring, removing old furniture, and furnishing your place.

Ashley provides a 4-hour window for delivery and you get your new piece of furniture at your door in a short period.

What Is Ashley Furniture Premium Delivery Cost?

Buying furniture is a huge investment somewhat occasionally the delivery cost of furniture also breaks your debit card. 

But when it comes to the premium delivery cost of Ashley Furniture you can breathe a sigh of relief because Ashley Furniture does not have any high premium delivery cost. The cost varies from store to store or distribution center.

Usually, the cost is high for orders outside the town and less for orders within the local areas.

If Premium Delivery is To Your Door

The cost of delivery varies from market to market. For example, if your local customers and your order is delivered to the doorstep it will take 0$ charges. 

On the other side, the delivery charges out of town include $99.99. The furniture assembly and setup facilities are not available. It does not include the removal of all packaging, removal of old items, and repositioning of old items. ( you have to pay additional charges to avail of these facilities)

If Premium Delivery Is To Your Room Of Choice

The premium delivery cost of Ashley Furniture locals customers for delivering the items at the place of choice charged at least $99.99

However, the premium delivery of products out of town will be charged at least $199.99. It does not include furniture assembly and setup facilities. Whereas repositioning and removing your old items, add $15 per item.

If Delivered And Setup In Your Room Of Choice

For locals when the items are delivered and set up in the room of choice the charge includes $149.99. For deliveries out of town includes $249.99.

The delivered and setup premium delivery of Ashley Furniture includes all facilities. Like 3-hour window delivery, drivers call prior to delivery and when en route. Also, includes the removal of all packaging and old items, furniture assembly, and set-up and repositioning of old items.

Does Ashley Furniture Call Before Delivery?

Ashley provides convenient and sound services to its furniture shoppers. Their team calls the day before the delivery to further confirm the delivery date. How Long Does It Take For Ashley Furniture To Deliver?

Even more, you will receive a call from the delivery team approximately 30 or an hour ago before the arrival. Ashley’s delivery team ensures your availability at the time of delivery.

Furthermore, the delivery schedule of your items is also traceable in your shopping account history. For that go to my account and click the history.

Moreover, 4 days before your delivery you will receive a call to confirm the delivery date. After confirming the delivery date your furniture will be at your door on time. 

However, the delivery might not be at the scheduled time because of traffic conditions, weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances. 


In conclusion, the premium delivery of Ashley furniture provides complete delivery options. The team not only delivers your new piece of furniture to your specific place rather they bear everything.

That includes unpacking, decorating, organizing, removing old items,  assembling, and set-up up furniture.

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