About Us

Hey world, I am KiranBarek belong to the rustic and engrossing mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. The sense and appreciation of beauty are deep-rooted in my surrounding.

The chirping birds in the rustic winter trees long above the skyrocketing snowed cliffs, the rushing and roaring water streams porpoising down the mountains, beautiful homes filled with different furnishings, and the snake-patterned zig-zag Karakoram asserting its chivalry and grandeur to its tourists are all innately part of my personality.

I grew up in this entrenched sense of beauty which asserted beautiful designs of lifestyle in my mind.

The rich and fascinating surroundings deeply manifested in my home, decor, and furnishing covered my thoughts. Thus, the lifestyle of the bucolic countryside’s heavenly and ethereal impacts me.  

Moreover, such a natural and empowering aura has charm and magnetism that attracted my mind to think about lifestyle designs from different angles.  

As an aspiring advocate of decor, beauty, and design, I am here to furnish the beauty of your residence. 

This specialty of beauty is not new to me. It has been the lineage of my family, practicing it for decades.   

My grandmother used to spread embroidery and sell it to people along with my grandfather, who used to make different furnishings for the home. 

I grew up in an environment where my family not only sells out home furnishing. But, also involves meeting the designs of customers. That is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

No doubt home reflects one personality, and I assure you my articles will help you to discover your design personality which suits your needs and budget.

I believe through this platform, I will guide or help thousands of confusing or this or that minds to select the right pieces of furniture and decoration ideas for them.

This will serve a greater purpose that would enhance the indoor ambiance and would add charm and rustic appeal to indoor settings.

Our furniture appeals to emotional harmony along with cultural beauty that’s why my motto is to speak in beauty, sell beauty and be the ambassador of beauty in the shape of furniture.

I love finding and exploring new ways to make our places (mostly sweet homes) more beautiful.

My determination and passion for interior design motivated me to work in home and decor. 

Thus, I started my online writing journey in creative design to provide innovative ideas, suggestions on home decoration, guidance, and different design patterns that will meet your home’s needs.

It is a fact the online world is not always trustworthy because you will find misinformation as facts.

However, I also do research and give honest feedback. My motto is to provide you with well-researched, and valid details. So, you can nourish the notion of your lifestyle. 

A house becomes a home when the right thing is placed in its proper position with the correct match of furniture. 

Therefore, I want you to always choose better, more comfortable, quality, and suitable pieces of furniture for your specific place according to your needs and requirements.