Sofa Support System: Pocket Spring vs. Foam: Making the Right Choice

A Sofa is made from various materials, you will find thousands of suggestions and hundreds of opinions when sitting to choose between the pocket spring sofa and the foam sofa

A pocket spring sofa and foam sofa are at the top of the hierarchy of best materials. Both are excellent choices and the best items for use despite their categories differing.

A pocket spring sofa is better for more long-life span. A foam sofa is the better choice for firmness and body support. If you are looking to invest in a couch both are excellent options to view. But, if sound sleep is your priority then go for a foam sofa.

In the below blog, I will explain which is better pocket spring sofa or a foam sofa, and their pros, cons, and differences. In the end, you will have a clear idea about both types of sofas. So, keep reading to know which is more suitable for you.

Which Is Better Pocket Spring Sofa Or a Foam Sofa?

A sofa is a central piece of furniture in a home or office. After a busy day of work, it is the first place that pulls away all your boredom. Why Are Couches More Comfortable Than Beds? You not only use a sofa for relaxing but you also use it for evening nape or a night’s sleep.

The pocket spring sofa and foam sofa both are better choices to consider. However, both types of sofas offer different comfort levels. Before preparing one over the other, let’s see what exactly both of them are;

What Is A Pocket Spring Sofa?

A pocket spring sofa is a type of sofa made from springs. A single spring is wrapped in fabric to create a pocket for each spring. The springs provide responsive support, comfort, and an extra orthopedic level of support.

It utilizes zero motion disturbance technology. A pocket spring sofa is more enduring if made from high-quality springs. Meanwhile, the specifications, packing, features, and appearance differs.

Mitigation Of Use;

The pocket spring sofa design provides all components of comfort. The individual spring slides up and down independently of its neighbor, providing more convenience for sitting and napping. 

Furthermore, the qualitative springs (serpentine and coil upholstery springs) provide more comfort. The individual springs offer a bit more generalized support. 

Also, the shape of the spring adjusts itself to supply a more cozy zone for you.


A pocket spring sofa is more long-lasting. Though, the high-density foam shows a more lifespan than the pocket spring sofa.  Yet, the spring sofa is much more enduring than a foam sofa. A significant feature of the pocket spring sofa is that It has more ability to control the wear and tear of regular use.

Motion Transfer;

The entire sofa shares the same pocket springs thus, it offers a motion transfer. However, each spring reacts independently only to the pressure applied to it. 

It offers a sound painless evening nape for any type of body. Plus, It provides firm support because the pocket springs move independently. You might be curious to know Foam Or Spring Mattress Which Is Better For Babies?

What Is a Foam Sofa?

Those sofas which utilize foam in their construction are foam sofas. These sofas are also comfortable, enduring, and supportive, and do not lose too much firmness over time. 

A foam is considered excellent for retaining its shape. Foam sofas vary in quality according to the type of foam used in their construction. 

The following are the main types of foams used in the construction of a sofa;

PU(polyurethane) foam; (it bounces back quickly)

High Resilience or HR foam; (excellent for high responsiveness for extra bounce and quick return action)

Latex foam; (durable, provides extra bounce and air filtration)

Memory foam; (low resiliency, floppy, and slow bounce-back feel)

Bonded foam

Hard foam

Responsive memory foam

Soft foam

Reticulated foam

A foam sofa manufacturer mainly uses the above-mentioned types of foams in the manufacturing process. The density of each type of foam is different. Hence, the more viscosity more weight, and more long-lasting and comfortable a sofa will be. 

Is Foam Sofa Heat Sensitive?

A foam sofa is more heat sensitive than a pocket spring sofa. However, high-quality foams offer insulating properties and last longer such as Latex foam. 

The Expense Of Foam Sofa

Usually, you will find a foam sofa more expensive than a pocket spring sofa. But, high-quality spring sofas are also of higher cost. It is noteworthy that the more money better will be the quality of the item of furniture and vice versa.

Maintenance Of A Foam Sofa

The maintenance of a foam sofa is not a challenging task to perform. You can wash the whole cushion in the machine (if the cover is removable). Also, you can soak the cover in a bathtub with detergent and warm water. Visit, which sofa fabric is easiest to clean?

Is Foam Sofa Hypoallergenic?

The hypoallergenic term means slightly allergenic or a few allergy-producing substances. low-quality foams are hypoallergenic, not qualitative foams. Such as polyurethane, natural, and high-resilience foam.

Quality Of Foam And Pocket Spring Sofas

A major benefit of a foam sofa is that it has a wide range of qualities to select from. A pocket spring sofa has consistent quality. The quality of a pocket spring sofa is not varying compared to the foam sofa. 

In addition to that, the foam utilized in the cushion is one of the central elements to determine the quality, lifespan, and comfort of your sofa. The quality of the foam sofa is mainly calculated by the density of the foam. (weight) 

Different densities of foams are available in the market but, choose the higher density foam if you want a foam sofa as your next new furniture. Because better density better will be the durability and comfort of a sofa.

What Is The Main Difference Between Both Sofas?

The primary distinction between the two sofas is the level of firmness, design, packing, and comfort they provide.

Foam is the core element of foam sofa construction. In a pocket spring sofa, the springs are the primary element of its structure.  They are enveloped to give a shape of a pocket. 

Moreover, the difference is also revolving around the response of the pressure point. The pocket springs are wrapped on their own it moves according to the pressure it feels. Hence, provide a good comfortable area for longer sitting.

One of the most significant contrasts you will find between the two sofas is the support feel. You will find more active support in the pocket spring sofa than in the foam sofa.

A long time sitting feels like sinking into the foam sofa unlike on the spring sofa where you enjoy the outstanding support and solace.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Foam And Pocket Spring Sofas?

Good quality foam sofa can last around 10 to 12 years. It utilizes high-quality sofa cushions that do not easily wear out with regular use. But, on the other side, low-quality or cheap foam sofas start losing their properties after around 3 to 4 years. (depending upon the usage)

Whereas Pocket spring sofas are considered much more sturdy than foam sofas. An estimated life expectancy of pocket spring sofas is around 15 years. The springs do not easily squeak, and sag and the seats do not lose their shape after some use.

Concluding Thoughts!

In conclusion, which is better for you, a pocket spring sofa or a foam sofa? There is much to consider. We have explained the most important information about both types of sofas. Hopefully, this will help you to decide. Now it is up to you which one you view as the best pick for you according to your needs, requirements, and preferences.

However, If you are interested in a pocket spring sofa it is important to select a high-quality one with a firmer foundation. On the other side if you are choosing a foam sofa always prefer the high-density foam. It will supply you a good body firmness and support.

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