Is Ashley Furniture the Same as Ashley Home Store?

Ashley’s furniture industry rapidly develops its furniture chain. Your curiosity will be at its peak, Is Ashley’s furniture the same as Ashley Home store?

Ashley furniture is not the same as the Ashley Home store. As Ashley furniture is the parent company. While a subsidiary part of the Ashley furniture franchise is the Ashley Home store.

Ashley Furniture manufactures and distributes products in the US and worldwide. Furniture manufacturing plants and retailers control it all over the world.

Ashley furniture industry is an American home furnishing manufacturer and vendor industry. On the other hand, Ashley Home store is an American furniture retailer. It is independently owned by licenses.

Ashley Homestore sells Ashley products all around the globe. Its chain consists of independent and corporate furniture stores.

 Who Owns Ashley Furniture?

Ashley Furniture is not a new name in the furniture world. You might be wondering, who owns Ashley furniture?

Ashley Furniture is run by father and son team Ron Ronald Wanek and Todd Ronald Wanek respectively, both of which have significant stakes in the privately traded company.

Ron Wanek was the CEO of the company by 2002. Importantly, he is working as a chairman of the board.

Todd Ronald Wanek is the chief executive officer (president) of the Ashley furniture industry. The furniture manufacturing and retailing company has had a long history since the 1940s.

In the 1940s the company came into being by Carlye Weinberger. Initially, it acted like a retail store focusing on furniture products.

It sold manufactured products to local companies at that time. However, at present, the manufacturing company not only sells its products to local companies and retailers.

Rather, it sells and distributes thousands of furniture items throughout the world. It utilizes Engineered wood and Real wood in its manufacturing process.

What Are Ashley HomeStores Known For?

The name Ashley Homestore is associated with Ashley furniture.

Ashley Homestore is an American Furniture retail brand that sells Ashley’s home furnishing and accessories in the US and other parts of the world. They are known as America’s Second favorite room furniture and home decor brand.

The first Ashley Furniture Homestore opened in Anchorage, Alaska in 1997. Now there are 1000 Ashley HomeStores present in America.

These HomeStores are located throughout the United States and some other parts of the globe. Moreover, Ashley HomeStores are known as the largest furniture retailer which it sells

More than 6,000 furniture items are in stores and online. Some Ashley Furniture HomeStores are owned and managed by the company. Others are managed by regular individuals through special franchises.

Ashley furniture industries own Ashley furniture stores. As I discussed earlier, Ashley Home Stores is a subsidiary part of Ashley furniture and they offer everything which you need for the decoration of your specific place.

They combine the latest trends with technology to give you the very best piece of furniture with unmatched prices and quality.

The HomeStore includes living room, dining room, bedroom, entertainment, home, office, outdoor, kids, and many other types of furniture pieces for any type of place.

So, is a one-stop destination for home furniture and accents.

 Who Is The Parent Company Of Ashley Furniture?

Home manufacturing and merchandising Ashley furniture is a global name for furniture.

The parent company of Ashley furniture is Ashley furniture industries. It’s the largest home manufacturing and retail company run by the Wanek family.

Ashley furniture industries is an American home furnishing manufacturer and retailer, headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. (founded in 1945) It produces a variety of furniture pieces for any place and distributes them around the world. 

It became an industry leader as the largest home furnishings company, including upholstery, living room, bedroom, dining room, outdoor, and many other types of good quality furniture.

The estimated value of the annual revenue of Ashley furniture industries is $6.6 Billion. The company sells over 30 million pieces annually. The pieces include upholstered furniture and case goods.

Is Ashley Furniture Public Or Private?

A company may fall under public or private. You may want to know, Is Ashley’s furniture public or private? Ashley Furniture is among one of the oldest furniture companies, it is a private company, not a public company. 

There is private ownership of a private company. However, a public company sells all or a portion of itself to the public via an initial public offering.

The shareholders have a claim to part of the company’s assets and profits. The company founder or management owns a private company called Ashley Furniture

Under the possession of father and son team Ron Wanek and Todd Wanek privately. Moreover, the company does not trade stock on the stock exchange.

It can not rely on selling stocks or bonds on the public market to raise cash to fund its growth. Furthermore, The company uses shares of equity to attract investors.

Who Bought Out Ashley Furniture?

Ashley’s furniture was not the same Ashley as we know today. Ronald G. Wanek bought out Ashley furniture from Arcadia furniture in 1976.

Wanek grew up in the diary form in Minnesota where he and other investors founded Arcadia furniture in 1970.

Arcadia Owner Weinberger sold all his ownership rights to Ashley in 1976. Then the company Ashley furniture came into being and became a prominent international name.

Moreover, the company rebirths its products and retools its facilities. The new shape of a company is established and it has reconstructed the whole management.

From the 1970s to now Ashley furniture is day-to-day upgrading its quality. Finally, It’s not only a prominent furniture name in America, rather it is the world’s leading furniture name.

What Is the Difference Between Ashley Furniture And Ashley Home stores?

Many Ashley furniture shoppers have misconceptions about Ashley Furniture and Ashley Home Stores.

Ashley Furniture is a home furnishing and manufacturing company. Ashley Home stores is an American furniture store chain that sells Ashley furniture products.

To paint a clear picture of the difference between these two it’s important to compare and contrast them. Below are some points of difference between the two.

Ashley Furniture is North American and its headquarter is in Arcadia, Wisconsin. It produces home furnishings of all types.

Furthermore, it distributes its home furniture and accessories through two channels.  

1. Independent furniture dealers.

2. stores of furniture.

Licenses operate the furniture retailers of Ashley Home store and own it individually.

The first Ashley Furniture Home store opened in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1997. However, now more than 690 Ashley Home Stores are currently in the US only.

Ashley Home Stores operates worldwide in more than 123 countries, not only in America. Ashley furniture has numerous plants that manufacture furniture pieces for the company.

While on the other hand, Ashley Home Stores only sells items of furniture pieces made by Ashley furniture.

Ashley furniture produces furniture by them and refers to the entire company under which 1000s of stores and 100s of manufacturing plants work.

Closing Thoughts:

In a nutshell, Ashley furniture owns the Ashley furniture HomeStores franchise and is the largest furniture retailer in the United States. Ashley Furniture and Ashley Home Stores are the biggest manufacturers and the most prominent retailers.

Ashley’s furniture is not the same as Ashley’s home store.

Finally, Ashley Home Stores only make up part of the retail unit of the overall company, and Ashley furniture describes the whole company. In conclusion, Ashley Home Stores are the only subsidiary of Ashley furniture.

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