Renew and Restore: Is Refinishing Ashley Furniture Possible?

Refinishing an item of furniture is very important to take an account. Though,  there are many ways to refinish old Ashley furniture. But, the question arises Can Ashley Furniture Be Refinished?  

Refinishing Ashley Furniture is essential to save money and protect your investment. It is also essential to look at the care tag before refinishing the furniture as it gives clear instructions on cleaning the item.

You can refinish a piece(s) of an item of Ashley furniture. Apply paint and use a wood finish top coat or varnish to refinish the furniture. The refinishing helps in regaining the actual value of the furniture.  

In the below writing, I will walk you, through how, where, and why to refinish the Ashley furniture. Likewise, you will also come to know the importance of refinishing a piece of furniture.

Why Ashley’s Refinishing is Essential?

Ashley Furniture is essential to refinish because your old furniture does not give a wonderful and pleasant look to your home. Refinishing is essential for furniture to give a more elegant and new look. 

In addition, Refinishing furniture is a great way to restore the life of your furniture items that would otherwise be too worn out giving an ugly look to your place.

Furniture is a man-made product long term usage will get scratches, damage stains, and dullness. So, it’s necessary to refinish the furniture.

Furthermore, the basic refinishing process is helpful to regain a piece of furniture that was picked up at a garage sale or put behind in the store as garbage.

It is a general fact that the longer the stain stays on the surface of furniture the more stain will soak in. And darker the wood will become thus, the furniture will lose its beauty. It is the process of refinishing that helps to recover the beauty of the furniture.

If you want to refinish Ashley’s furniture dresser first paint the dresser with your favorite color. Make sure to use a primer before the coloring. It will help to ensure the paint will last longer and gives a more beautiful look.

How To Refinish Ashley Furniture?

The very first step in refinishing Ashley Furniture is cleaning the surface. Clean the surface with a wet cloth to remove any dust or grime from the surface.

Secondly, rub the wood with fine-grit sandpaper to prepare it for staining. After the rubbing, it’s time for wiping the surface with a damp cloth. This wiping will remove the excess remaining moisture.

Further, the staining can be done using paint, varnish, or polyurethane. Bear in mind that always pick a high-quality product it will show the longevity of your furniture pieces. Plus offer long-lasting protection against scratches and fading.

Lastly, to complete the refinishing process choose a new color for your Asley furniture.

Using Citristrip is the old refinishing process It includes the following steps to complete a refinishing;

  • Brush on a thick paste finish remover.
  • Use a wide putty knife and scrape off the finish.
  • Apply a liquid stripper and then use steel wool to lift the remains.
  • Wash away waxy stripper residue with coloring thinner.
  • Use a finishing sander to smooth the surface.
  • Apply matching stain, and let it dry for 24 hours.

Where Is Ashley Furniture Refinished?

Furniture is the main part of the home furnishing and this Asset stays so long in the house with you. Without a doubt, your furniture could be a part of the historic museum one day.

You can refinish Ashley Furniture at your home and also in the stores from where it is ordered. Ashley homestores provide the facility to bring furniture back for refinishing. In addition to that Ashley Furniture also provides home refinishing services.

Meanwhile, Ashley Furniture is famous worldwide for its variety of products and good services. If you found any wound on the furniture Ashley will restore it using different techniques. ( using lacquer paint, simple paints, and Distressing on antique furniture)

Ashley Homestore in Winchester, VA. Lighthouse Woodworking offers the below refinishing services;

  • Restored by Grace.
  • Antiques and Furniture Restoration.
  • Hudson Woodworking and Restoration.
  • Mike’s Custom Flooring.
  • Iron Gate Antiques.

Steps To Preserve Ashley Furniture With Stains?

The term stain uses to identify a colorant applied to wood to change its color. Below are very simple and easy steps discussed to preserve Ashley Furniture stains.

Firstly, it is essential to prep the wood and then, by using sandpaper remove the little imperfections. Take the fine-grit sandpaper and rub it in the direction of the grime, wiping away the dust. Curious Is Ashley Furniture Real Wood?

Secondly, take the wood stain, and dip it in the rag. Then leave the stain longer for rich color and wipe off the stain as soon as for light coloring.

Further, choose a protective finish from the store, such as the Minwax Polycrylic protective, and then add a clear layer to the stained Ashley Furniture piece.

Lastly, open the can, stir it, and paint on a thin layer of a clear liquid with a paintbrush as soon as the stain has completely dried. Always remember, stains are not equal. There are major eight types of commercial stains and some tools that apply to furniture differently.

The major stains are Oil Stain, Varnish Stain, Water–Based Stain, Wood Stain, Gel Stain, Lacquer Stain, Water- Soluble Dye Stain, and Metal- Complex (Metalized) Dye stains.

The tools are a Fine-grit sand-snipper, Rag, Foam Brush, Wood Stain, Protective Finish, and Paint Brush.

Final Thoughts!

In concluding thoughts, Can Ashley furniture be refinished? Ashley Furniture is a wealth of online and in-store options ranging from indoor furniture to home decor, and also mattresses. Ashley Furniture is easily refinished using simple and effortless techniques.

The global name Ashley Furniture provides the best option for repair, refinishing, and replacement of their products. Also, as a furniture repair technician, the store is responsible for the restoration process of assembled furniture.

A significant benefit of Ashley Furniture refinishing includes the use of very easy and inexpensive simple techniques. Using a few easy techniques you can give a charming look to your home without purchasing a new piece of furniture.

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