Unveiling the Connection: Ashley Furniture and American Furniture

Ashley Furniture and American Furniture both work exclusively with wooden occasional furniture which makes you think, Does Ashley Furniture own American furniture?

Ashley Furniture is a private company that manufactures and distributes home furniture all around the united states and other parts of the world.

Most furniture shoppers think Ashley Furniture owns American Furniture. But, it is not the truth Ashley does not own American furniture. Though they are partners ( sell products of Ashley), American Furniture does not fall under the full control of Ashley Furniture.

In the below writing, you will know the truth, does Ashley Furniture own American Furniture? Is Ashley Furniture the same as American Furniture? I will also uncover, who owns both furniture companies. 

Is Ashley Furniture The Same As American Furniture?

Ashley Furniture and American Furniture work in partnership. Though, both companies are working together for more than 26 years they are two different names in the world of home furnishing. 

American Furniture sells the products of Ashley furniture industries. It provides a wide selection of qualitative and stylish products to its customers.

American Furniture is a good manufacturer of solid wood furniture. However, Ashley Furniture is also a well-known name in the market of furniture but, Is Ashley Furniture real wood?  

Furthermore, American Furniture offers a wide variety of furniture for all types of places. Similarly, Ashley Furniture also provides high-quality furnishings for all types of places at affordable prices. Ashley has a special and demanding position in the furnishing industry.

American Furniture is a new name in the furnishings market. Ashley Furniture is an older player in the game of furniture. It is a private business in Colorado and the biggest furniture retailer in America.

The mission of American Furniture is to provide the best and most qualitative furniture to its shoppers but, it has high price tags compared to Ashley Furniture. Is Ashley Furniture Expensive? On the other side, Ashley Furniture is very popular for its affordable prices. 

Who Bought Out Ashley’s Furniture?

The journey of Ashley Furniture begins in the small town of Arcadia. Ashley Furniture Industries is a popular name that controls all ends, the product pipeline, retail, storefront, and wholesaling.

It started its journey in early 1945 as Ashley Corporation. (sales organization) Then Ashley Furniture evolved and invested in Arcadia Furniture. (founder T. Brosseau) 

Then their roots become stronger and finally, at the end of 1982, the two companies merged revenue was appreciated to consider. The former opening of Ashley is back to 1997 by the Wanek family.

Furthermore, Ashley Furniture is a privately owned company run by a father-and-son team. (Ron Ronald Wanek and Todd Ronald Wanek respectively) it is headquartered in the united states (Anchorage, Alaska)

Ashley Furniture sells its furniture throughout the world via Ashley Homestores. Is Ashley Furniture the same as Ashley HomeStore? You will find more than 200 Ashley Furniture HomeStores around the globe.

What Is American Furniture?

American Furniture is a private furniture retailer that sells different types of furniture through the American Furniture Warehouse. The furniture company of Jake Job whose headquarter is in Englewood is enlisted among the top companies in the USA.

Further, American Furniture is a fashionable furniture brand and very popular for its comfortable bedding. It also offers a living room, kitchen, bedroom, mattresses, home decor items, and patio furniture.

But, it does not offer thousands of styles and types of furniture like Ashley Furniture. It is a fact American Furniture that you will find the price tags of American Furniture higher compared to Ashley Furniture.

American furniture patio sets are very famous, especially patio tables and chairs. The customer loves the versatile solid wood and the specialty veneered styles.

Who Owns American Furniture?

The owner of American Furniture is Jake Jabs. (president and CEO of the American Furniture Warehouse) American Furniture is a private company, that primarily deals with furniture and bedding. 

Jake Jobs start the journey of American Funiture in 1975 with one store operation. (now 14 store operations) Its headquarter is in Englewood, Colorado.

In addition to that American Furniture is enlisted in the popular furniture company in the United States and surrounding areas. The company covers products of mid to high range price.

Lastly, American Furniture is a southwestern furniture chain. It is a famous, reliable, qualitative, stylish, and enduring furniture retailer company. For more understanding of American Furniture visit their official site afw.com

Is Ashley Furniture Better Quality?

Ashley Furniture provides good quality pieces of furniture. It has a vast variety of furniture items over 400 types that appeal to middle-income shoppers. Ashley carries traditional to contemporary furniture styles for indoor and outdoor furnishing.

furthermore, Ashley Furniture has a good focus on value and quality, in addition to its low-cost production. Ashley focuses more on the quality of its products and establishing good relations with retail partners.

Additionally, items of Ashley Furniture are ethically made using eco-friendly and nontoxic material. Despite that, some buyers show dissatisfaction with the quality of their products. What Are Ashley Furniture Complaints?

It is very crucial to note that the quality of the pieces of furniture depends on your investment. If you are paying more you can expect more and you will get a qualitative piece of furniture.

Lastly, To make the quality more appreciative Ashley Furniture is also investing in modern efficient furniture manufacturing facilities.


We can conclude that Ashley Furniture does not own American Furniture. However, both big furniture retailers work in partnership.

Ashley Furniture is a big box store and under its control, several plants are working in the United States. Ashley is calculated in one of the largest home decor brands in the United States. On the other side, American Funiture is primarily better known for bedding and the high cost of furniture.

Moreover, Ashley Furniture has kept its door open to become a part of the company by selling its product through Ashley Homestores. Both furniture companies are great choices but Ashley is quick, convenient, and affordable. So, go for it without any hesitation of breaking your bank card.

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