Behind the Finish: Is Ashley Furniture Made of Real Wood?

Ashley is a global name known for its furniture industry. Though Ashley is a prominent brand, you might be nosy about Is Ashley’s furniture is real wood?

Ashley’s furniture is set in the living room.

Ashley Furniture utilizes real wood in most of its products however, the E-core is engineered, composite, or man-made wood which is manufactured from cellulose fibers and artificial resin. 

From this, it uses 95% of the tree in its manufacturing process. Composite wood is enduring, stable, millable, and has high-performance quality.

Usually, Ashley’s furniture is made from engineered wood. Ashley is best for its inexpensive furniture and giant stores. It is useful for all types of consumers, especially budget-minded consumers.

 Does Ashley Furniture Sell Real Wood?

Ashley sells thousands of different types of furniture. Still, you may be thinking, does Ashley sell real wood?

Ashley Furniture Is Made Of Engineered Wood

The primary material of Ashley furniture is engineered wood or mass timber that takes layers of natural wood. It is cost-effective, friendly, and sustainable. It does use solid wood in some products. 

Ashley is among the top manufacturers that survived for a long time in the world of business by selling thousands of small and gigantic pieces of any type of furniture.

Engineered wood is a factory product that uses a variety of textiles such as wood fibers, sawdust, glues, and chemicals in its manufacturing.

Solid wood is tolerant to end infestation in the run but not engineered wood. Solid wood furniture is heavy and difficult to move but man-made wood is lighter.

Moreover, Ashley’s manufacturing process uses two types of leather; bonded leather and leather match. These are not 100% pure leather.

Wood Is Cut Down From Damaged Trees

It does not use wood that is directly cut from the tree, unlike other furniture brands.

Ashley provides a wide variety of furniture. You can purchase anything from Ashley of your own choice. Ashley does not focus only on specific consumers rather it targets various consumers in different ranges of quality and price.

Ashley is a great platform for budget-minded consumers. As it is very popular for its inexpensive prices. Ashley sells products that look at the tremendous value at lower prices. 

Thus, It is best for its affordable quality furniture and giant stores. Ashley distributes its goods through Ashley HomeStores all over the world. which are independently owned by retailers

Here is the range of products that Ashley sells:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Entertainment
  • Office furniture
  • Kids furniture
  • Outdoor furniture and other furnishings

Furthermore, Ashley is better for its sofa brand which uses wood veneer. Wood veneer is not a block of real wood. Yet, looks like real wood. (made by squeezing slides of wood against particleboard)

Ashley sells its product not only in the USA rather it sells worldwide. It has been in the industry for more than 70 years. As a result, it has built the trust of a lot of customers and retailers around the globe

Finally, you get what you paid for; the better the payment, the better the furniture.

What Is Ashley Furniture Made Of?

As in day-to-day shopping, we take care of the primary manufacturing components of any product before purchasing. It convinces us of what we are going to buy and what are its benefits.

The same is true for Ashley’s furniture. What is Ashley’s furniture made of?

The E-core of Ashley furniture is composite or engineered wood. It’s made by binding, and fixing the strands, particles or veneers, or boards of wood together with adhesive or other methods of fixation to form a composite.

Man-Made wood utilizes multi pieces of lumber in its creation. It’s a sustainable product that is more affordable than traditional solid wood.

Moreover, it can bear heavy loads easily without the wrap and crack. When it comes to moisture resistance, it’s more resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood.

It is a fact, that engineered wood is a versatile alternative to hardwood.

Properties Of Engineered Wood

The backbone of Ashley furniture is engineered wood or mass timber which is made of compressed layers of wood.

1. Grades of wood (according to your budget you can choose the wood) 

2. Can refinish

3. Good durability

4. Ease in installation

5. More resistant to temperature changes

6. Range of styles and finishes

7. Resistive to humidity

8. Less costly

9. Structure Integrity

10. Good sustainability 

11. Lightweight

Ashley Furniture Is Ethically Made

It is also important to take into consideration the manufacturing process and how dangerous it could potentially be. Ashley Furniture uses sustainable techniques which it contributes to a healthy environment.

The wood in Ashley’s furniture manufacturing process is not directly cut from trees. (uses defective tree wood) From this strategy, they don’t chop down any unnecessary trees but instead, utilize the whole tree without waste.

In the manufacturing procedure, Ashley did not use large pieces of dimensional lumber. It uses relatively small trees which do not require cutting a large tree.

Thus, the use of engineered wood Ashley aids in the preservation of natural habitats.

Ultimately, it plays an important role in saving the forest. Engineered wood has the potential to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The first-ever report of Ashley Corporate Social Response introduces in 2021. In this report, they have shown Ashley’s plan to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. No doubt Ashley is an ethical and reputable furnishing industry.

Does Ashley Furniture Have Different Levels Of Quality?  

Purchasing furniture is not a typical activity to be done monthly or yearly. It is very important to consider the quality of the furniture you’re going to buy.

You might be wondering, does Ashley furniture have different levels of quality?

High-End Products Are More Expensive

Ashley is reasonable for its moderate quality value and It has a wide array of designs for a wide range of prices. It is very friendly for budget-conscious consumers. Though Ashley Furniture does not use 100% real wood in its manufacturing process still the products are worth considering.

Choosing the right furniture is a big deal for furniture shoppers. Spending money on this asset is a prolonged investment.

Ashley furniture has built a long chain of satisfied and trusted customers all around the world. So, It provides good quality furniture for any type of place at low prices. Day by day it is expanding its furniture chain.

The quality of Ashley furniture is directly proportional to the price which means the higher the price the higher the quality.

Ashley Uses Non-Toxic Materials

Moreover, Ashley does not use flame retardants in its manufacturing process as flame retardants are toxic. It does not use prison labor in its manufacturing to cut down the labor cost.

Further, Ashley is famous for its sofa brand and Its fabrication uses composite material called wooden veneer. The wooden veneer seems like actual wood it is more beneficial than stable wood.

One of the unique features of Ashley furniture is it provides convenient and impressive customer service as follows:

Home delivery

Cutback offers


Voucher for old regular customers

Free shipping

Furniture shipping abroad

Good warranties

Ashley is not the only best furniture quality industry but it is no less than any other. It is a considerably influential selling brand because of its service, style, quality, and selection.

Ashley furniture is classic but you will find trendy furniture as well as It developing its product appearance.

Eventually, Ashley is a good quality piece of furniture. Famous for inexpensive furniture and giant Ashley HomeStores. Besides some durability issues altogether, it’s excellent.

What Is Ashley’s Bedroom Furniture Made Of?

Ashley’s bedroom furniture is one of its high-selling products.

The engineered wood is the E-core product of Ashley furniture. Its famous bedroom furniture collection built from both solid wood and engineered wood makes up for the enormous and considerably widespread sold bedroom furniture.

As I mentioned earlier Ashley’s main manufacturing product is factory wood. However, in the bedroom furniture manufacturing procedure, Ashley also uses solid wood for its modern designs.

Moreover, Ashley provides incredible bedroom furniture styles with discounts. Ashley has many finishes of wood that you can select from light wood bedroom furniture to darker stains.

A wide variety of bedroom furniture is available:

Queen bedroom furniture sets

King bedroom furniture sets

Queen sets

Kings beds


Bedroom chairs





All the above bedroom furniture is available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, colors, designs, shapes, and prices.

It is preferable to buy bedroom furniture from Ashley. It uses engineered wood which is much more enduring than solid wood.

Ultimately, Ashley’s popular bedroom furniture uses both engineered wood and solid wood. It will be a good choice to pick your next piece of furniture for your dream room.

Conclusion! Does Ashley Furniture Sell Real Wood?

In a nutshell, is Ashley Furniture real wood? the merchandiser company uses engineered wood as a core element of its manufacturing process. 

It’s stable, has high-performance quality, is inexpensive, eco-friendly, and less sturdy. Though It also uses solid wood in some of its manufacturing processes.

Finally, Every person deserves more value for their money. Ashley’s provides good price tags, quality items, and a broad selection.

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