Letting Go: Does Ashley Furniture Remove Your Old Pieces?

If you are a shopper of Ashley Furniture and want to know Does Ashley Remove Old Furniture? You are on the right site. No doubt, purchasing furniture is a challenging task to perform. Plus, it is also hard to get rid of your old furniture. 

Ashley Furniture does not take care of your old furniture removal.

Usually, Ashley Furniture does not remove old furniture. Ashley has mentioned on their websites that the service of old furniture removal is not available. Also, one for one principle is not generally applicable to all Ashley Furniture Homestores. 

In the article below, I will let you know the truth that does Ashley Furniture remove old furniture? In the end, you will also discover who will remove your old furniture from your specific place free of cost. 

I will share a list of furniture stores that will take away your old furniture. Without beating around the bush, let’s dive into the article.

Does Ashley Furniture Take away Old Furniture?

Ashley Furniture has cited on its official websites that it does not provide the facility for junk removal or pick up of your old furniture. 

However, you might hear from an Ashley buyer that it takes your old furniture when you purchase the new one from the Homestore. To come up with realities, I have contacted different  Ashley HomeStores and corporate customer service departments. 

I found that Ashley Furniture (most Ashley Homestores) does not remove the old furniture. However, among the 1100 homestores in 66 countries, few Ashley homestores will take your old furniture when you buy new from Ashley.  (rare Ashley HomeStores offer this facility)

Moreover, It is also crucial to note that you have to pay an extra amount if you want Ashley to haul away your no-more in-use furniture. (Only limited Ashley Homestores offer this service)

Finally, it’s essential to know when to haul away your Ashley furniture. Below you will find the answer.

When To Haul Away Your Ashley Furniture?

No furniture is created to last forever. Is Ashley Furniture Real Wood? When your Ashley Furniture starts to depreciate its value, haul it away to avoid expenses. Old furniture not only looks tacky in your place rather also demands good maintenance and takes your precious place.

So, haul away such pieces of furniture from your place to make your residence neat and adorable. The lifespan of furniture depends on the quality and how you are dealing with it.

Can Ashley haul away old furniture? To come up with details, I visited and contacted a few Ashley HomeStores and checked their websites. During my research, I accustom that Ashley Furniture did not offer the vastest availability of old furniture removal.

So, it is your own responsibility to haul your old furniture away before they ruin the beauty of your sweet home or office.

It’s tough to find a store that will take away your old furniture for free. But, you don’t need to worry, below I will guide you about the furniture stores that take away your old furniture without imposing any charge.

Furniture Stores That Take Away Old Furniture For Free?

Many institutions or units pick up junk furniture for free. Such institutions include charities, donation centers, and waste management.  

Here’s a list of old free furniture removal organizations, that will pick your furniture free of charge

Squeaky clean

Done Rite Hauling

Load Up junk removal

Go junk-free America

Here’s a list of charities that offer free donation pick up

Green Drop


The Arc

Pickup, please

Habitat for Humanity

Salvation of Army


Moreover, some of the above-mentioned old furniture removal institutes in addition to free removal service also offer home clean-out services as well. You might be thinking do all furniture stores offer furniture removal? keep on reading to find the answer.

Do All Furniture Stores Offer Old Furniture Removal?

All furniture stores do not provide the facility for old furniture removal. Few furniture stores work with the principle of take and give. That means If you buy a new piece of furniture from the store they will remove your old furniture. 

Moreover, Few furniture stores take your junk furniture away regardless of a new purchase. But, it is very crucial to note that they charge for their services. Except for the charities and other free junk furniture disposal divisions.

Below big box furniture stores offer a junk removal facility

Ikea ( removes all types of junk and cost for the removal)

la-Z-Boy ( Offer one for one removal service ) 

Rooms to go (one-for-one haul away furniture )

Bobs (Usually removes the bedding only )

Sears ( better for picking up all types of old furniture)

Callbruno junk removal ( offers one for one facility)

Raymour (one-for-one furniture removal service)

Junk Furniture Removal Organizations

There are many junk furniture organizations that eco-friendly pick up your no-more-use furniture piece. (s)

below you find the main 04 junk removal organizations that are better to select.


It is the world’s largest junk removal service. It removes any junk furniture from any space. Gotjunk provides affordable rates for any junk or residential junk furniture.  They also provide a wide range of pick-up services.

HUNKS Hauling Junk

It is a locally operated junk remover in Westchester. It is also at the top of the hierarchy with high rates of junk removal services.

HUNKS Hauling removes all types of unwanted furniture you could ever need. Their top services include home staging, loading for moves, and light demolition for home renovation. 


This junk removal company is best for budget-minded furniture shoppers. Their prices of furniture removal are affordable. Successor service includes donation pick-up, dumpster pick-up, and nationwide service.

Junk King

They remove all types of household furniture junk. Most are satisfied with the upfront cost and efficiency of the crews.

Final Verdict! Does Ashley Remove Old Furniture?

In a nutshell, you will find many old furniture removal institutes all around the globe. But Ashley Furniture does not remove your old furniture.

I have gone through research and found the above-mention organizations which will love to haul away your old furniture. But, if you want your old furniture to be removed only by Ashley Furniture then you need to contact the Ashly HomeStore and for this, you have to pay money.

Lastly, Junk furniture not only affects the beauty of your place but also does not function properly. Thus removing this junk from your place is very essential.

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