Battle of the Brands: Ashley Furniture vs. Rooms

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms is two big box stores selling quality home furnishings and patio sets. Both brands offer a variety of furniture pieces for any type of indoor or outdoor place.

Ashley Furniture offers more qualitative home furnishing pieces than Rooms To Go.

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go both are well-known in the furnishing market For their quality. But, Ashley Furniture is very popular for Its quality, affordable furniture, good quality, and has an extensive selection of indoor furniture.

While on another side, Rooms To Go has an extensive selection of outdoor and patio furniture.

In the leading article, I will discuss the quality of Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go. I will also briefly compare the two brands and draw a line of difference between them. Let’s begin

Does Ashley Furniture own Rooms To Go?

Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go are two different companies. But, they work in the same line that is home furnishing.

Ashley Furniture is an American furniture brand that came into being in 1945. Ashley Furniture is a private company of the Wanek family headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin, and is included in one of the three largest American Furniture companies. 

In addition to that, Ashley Furniture works both as a manufacturer and retailer with high standers. Ashley HomeStores are worldwide famous for its larger selection of wood and upholstery furniture. 

Ashley’s top furnishing includes furniture, bedding, and Home accessories, (especially living room reclining, and sectionals)  

Rooms To Go which was first known as Seaman Furniture is now the company of American men Jeffrey and Morty Seaman. It started the business in 1990 and is America’s 5th -largest furniture company. 

Moreover, Rooms To Go is a family-owned furniture retailer that usually purchases its products from different manufacturers of Us and neighboring countries. 

However, Rooms To Go produces its few products in the United States. It means that the quality of their products is inconsistent. 

Rooms To Go usually includes a living room and kitchen furniture, sectionals, patio sets, and bedroom sets. It prefers to sell complete sets rather than individual pieces of furniture. 

Which Offers Good Quality Furniture- Ashley Vs Rooms To Go?

Quality is the most essential element to consider when selecting a piece of new furniture for your lovely place.  Ashley Furniture uses durable raw materials in its construction and focuses on value.

Ashley always offers consistent quality. However, bear in your mind Ashley produces different types of furniture ranging from low to high quality. But in general, compare to Rooms To Go Ashley Furniture’s quality is better. 

Rooms to Go offers a variable quality of furniture. It does not produce its own products but buys from other retailers and manufacturers. Thus, Rooms To Go does not give the surety of good raw materials, and the use of non-toxic elements.

Ashley Furniture is the old name of the furnishing industry and it provides a thousand types of furniture pieces of good quality, unlike the Rooms To Go.

What is The Difference Between Ashley Furniture Vs Rooms To Go?

Though both companies Ashely Furniture vs Rooms To Go sell similar categories of furniture. And it is a fact that both draw shoppers’ attention looking for similar pieces.

In addition to that, both companies focus on the price, style, and selection of furniture pieces. But, what is very crucial is to draw a clear line of difference between the two companies.  

The Price Of Furniture

Price is the major factor to consider before making a purchase. And of course, every furniture buyer wants the best quality of furniture items for their money.

Is Ashley Furniture expensive? A significant feature of Ashley is that it is well-known for its affordable furniture price. You will find most of Ashley’s furnishing pieces less expensive especially the furniture sets and recliners.

On the other hand, Rooms to Go offers high rates for their products, especially the leather designs made overseas. It does offer cheap furniture but buying that pieces is not worth considering. Moreover, you will find the price tags of Rooms To Go considerably high than Ashley Furniture.

Return Policy

Ashley Furniture will fully refund you if you return the products within 72 hours. You can return your purchase no matter whether you bought it online or from the store.

Rooms-To-Go showrooms do not offer a refund if you want to return the furniture. In addition to that if your purchase is from a sale item they can not cancel the purchase if it is shipped to the delivery point. ( if not you have to bear the cancellation fee)

Refund at Rooms to Go is available within 48 hours of delivery only on online products.

Styles Of Furniture

Ashley’s furniture is made from a variety of materials and styles. but, where is Ashley’s furniture made? Usually, it produced wood furniture overseas and upholstery products in the United States. 

A wide array of styles and designs is available at Ashley Furniture including contemporary, post-modern, rustic, vintage, farmhouse, coastal, and more. Hence Ashley sells various styles of furniture to match any taste.

On the other hand, Rooms To Go offers few styles of furniture compared to Ashely Furniture. It lacks classic and cultural designs of furniture.

Warranty On Furniture

In general, both brands offer good warranties on their items but, it is worth considering to compare the terms and conditions of the warranty. 

Ashley Furniture offers a 01 to 12 years warranty depending on your purchase items. On the flip side, rooms to Go offer a 1-year warranty only on the qualifying products. 

So, you will find a good warranty on Ashley Furniture items than on Rooms To Go.

Selection Of Furniture Pieces

Ashley has a broader furniture catalog and this facility makes it easy for a shopper to find anything he needs to complete his living space. Ashley offers any type of home accessory in fact it is a one-stop shopping center. (modern, contemporary, and classic)

While Rooms To Go does not have a broader catalog of furniture pieces. It offers only limited types of furniture.

Comparison Between Ashley Furniture And Rooms To Go 

Below I will compare Ashley Vs Rooms To Go by reviewing some significant information. You should keep in mind the below concerns.


The furniture pieces of Ashley are mostly crafted from engineered wood, metal, and, real wood.

Craftsmanship is also an important factor to consider when selecting the furniture piece. Ashley furniture items show a long lifespan compared to the Rooms To Go pieces of furniture.

Customer Rating

Rooms to Go receive high marks from their buyers for on-time delivery and good patio set furniture.

Ashley’s buyers complain about the late delivery and a few product durability issues. But, the buyers show good feedback on the Millennium collection of Ashley and the quality of their products at low cost.

Also, Ashley has a good review of cultural furniture. On the next side Rooms To Go Buyers gives a good rating for offering price-matching programs and special financing.


Ashley Furniture usually delivers the furniture within a week and also offers a premium delivery service. Some buyers show dissatisfaction with late delivery.

Rooms to go, take at least 1 to 5 days to deliver the furniture. But, set-up delivery is only available in service areas.

How Many Stores In Usa

There are more than 770 Ashley stores in the USA. The Ashley stores and locations are expanded throughout the United States of America. 

On the other side, you will find 257 rooms to-go locations in the Us, and most of these stores are located in the state of Miami. There are approximately 151 Rooms To Go stores in the united states of america.

Conclusion: Ashley Furniture Vs Rooms To Go Quality?

Ashley Vs Rooms To Go Both companies are doing a great job in their field and producing quality furniture. However, both have specific qualities that make you prefer to buy one over the other.

Further, both companies offer a variety of furniture pieces and designs but they differ in their production methods, customer service, and price tag. 

Finally, depending upon your needs both Ashley Vs Room To Go might be the right choice for you but always remember if low on budget and want a broader category of qualitative furniture prefer Ashley Furniture.

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