Behind the Reviews: Exploring the Top Ashley Furniture Complaints

Ashley Furniture is giving its services in various places but before choosing the next piece of furniture for your dream place from Ashley Furniture ask, What are Ashley Furniture’s complaints? 

what are Ashley Furniture Complaints?

Most buyers complaining about Ashley Homestores frequently mention poor customer service, low quality, late delivery, durability issues, damaged orders, refund policies, and warranty issues.

Ashley Furniture provides moderate quality furniture and is very popular for its deals and discounts on furniture.  But, maximum buyers had proven dissatisfaction with their purchase.

This article will let you know, the most frequent complaints about Ashley furniture. Also, You will comprehend the different customers’ points of view. 

Ashley Furniture Delivery Complaints?

The delivery of small items of Ashley uses two methods UPS and standard shipping but, large product delivery uses the LLC method, or the homesites themselves deliver the products.

The shopper’s complaints about delivery include delays in shipping and not on-time delivery. 

Ashley Furniture mentioned the facilities of 2 days delivery for small furniture and approximately a week to deliver large furniture items. 

However, buyers complaints that they take too much time to deliver the products. In most situations, they did not deliver the products at the given time according to different  Ashley customers.

Ashley furniture industries have provided its different contact sources in case of any complaints or any other inconvenience. Here is the late delivery contact number 866-436-3393.

For more convenience, they mentioned the call hours which are as follows;

Monday-Friday, 7:00a.m to 7:00 p.m (CT)

Saturday 7:00a.m to 5:30 p.m (CT)

The most appropriate time for a call: is 10:45 am

Ashley Furniture Customer’s Service Complaints

The customer service Ashley is ranked #900 out of 1000 furniture companies and has a Rating with an overall score of 22.199 out of  200 based upon 558 ratings.

Some buyers of Ashley Furniture call the horrible customer service. Some shoppers mentioned Ashley Furniture ignores their phone calls, store visits, emails, and many more contacts to hide their errors.

For more customer service complaints visit You will come to know the real and most frequent buyer complaints.

The majority of customer service ratings and reviews are also against Ashley Furniture. According to some shoppers, their service is very poor. 

I had gone through some research and was able to collect different shopper’s views about their purchases; the following are some findings;

  1. Save your time and money and don’t purchase anything from Ashley.
  2. Customer services do not answer at the time
  3. Did not reply even during customer service hours.
  4. Not call answering at call timing hours.
  5. Rude communication
  6.  No callbacks.

Moreover, to reach customer service, call 1-866-436-3393

What Are Ashley Furniture Homestore Complaints?

Ashely is providing furniture based on color, price, rating,  material, style, feature, and size. Dial the number to connect with the Ashley HomeStores, 866-436-3393.

You might be wondering! Is Ashley Furniture the same as Ashley Furniture Homestore? Ashley Homestore is an Ashley furniture store chain that sells Ashley’s products. It is a subsidiary part of Ashley Furniture the parent company.

Visit Ashley Homestore’s website; for more information.

According to Some buyers of Ashley Furniture Homestore, the Homestore of Ashley complaints include;

  • Not delivering the products on time, 
  • The salesman’s negative attitude, 
  • Low product quality, 
  • High assembly fee,
  • Bed refund policies, 
  • High taxes 
  • Not furniture but rather garbage and some other. 

Ashely Furniture Complaint Number?

Whether you are an online shopper or offline? You can show your dissatisfaction with the purchase from Ashley Furniture. 

If you are an online buyer you may call on, 866-436-3393 (Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm but on Saturday 7:00 am to 5:30 pm) or (518)627-9610

If your purchase was in-store then contact us through the information given on the receipt at the time of purchase in the store. 

Below is a list and contact numbers of some customer service areas.

229-317-4580 (Albany, Georgia)

847960-8300 (Algonquin, Illinois)

407-389-1860 (Altamonte Spring, Florida)


0301080190 (Pakistan, Karachi)

608-323-3377(Mumbai, India)

Ashley Furniture Corporate Office Complaints

Ashley Furniture is a furniture chain that is not only limited to the united states. But, it also covers many parts of the world. 

Lovers and new buyers of Ashley furniture whenever feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced by the purchase they directly complain about their purchase at or

Moreover, for more details and satisfaction here is the corporate office phone number 608-323-3377.

Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.164 Glen Cove Road 

Carle Place, new york 11514, United States


Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, Ashley Furniture is not a new name in the world of furniture. It has been giving its services since 1945. Ashley works with independent franchised stores named Ashley Furniture HomeStores. 

The shipping delays, furniture protection plan, customer service not answering and other complaints are at the top of the list of Ashley furniture complaints.

Among the 10,000 types and 1000 categories, some products or services may not satisfy the consumers. Thus, so many customers have some complaints about Ashey Furniture. 

But, it doesn’t mean that Ashley is the worst furniture company. The quality or durability of furniture depends upon the amount you pay.

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