The Making of Comfort: Revealing Where Cocoon Sofa Beds Are Made

Cocoon nursery furniture is famous for its style and innovation. It is a luxury retail home furnishing and interior design experience. You might be interested in, where are cocoon sofa beds made.  

The manufacturing facility of Cocoon Sofa is available in the UK.

The cocoon sofa beds are made in London (United Kingdom). Cocoon is a leading supplier of innovative award-winning nursery furniture worldwide.

In the leading blog, you will come to know what is cocoon furniture, who owns it, and where the manufacturing facilities are available. Also, will come to know are Cocoon Sofa beds of good quality? in addition to some more burning queries regarding Cocoon Sofa beds?

What Is Cocoon Furniture?

Cocoon is a customer-focused business that offers everything to its shoppers and interior design trade clients. Moreover, it creates new living environments that are elegant, relaxed, and modern.

With years of experience in the design and manufacture of nursery furniture, COCOON is well-known for its quality furniture and innovation. Cocoon is online store furniture that offers customers the best products worldwide.

The mission statement of Cocoon is to supply superior quality products that meet customers’ needs. The focus is on safety and comfort (especially for babies) as their priority.

Cocoon uses more than forty-eight versions of sofa fabric in its manufacturing process. The 5 trademark collections of the fiber of cocoon are included in world-class. 

Further, the fibers of the company have advantages for the customers. The primary benefits are tear and scratch resistance. Also, its touches are soft and excellent, fade-resistant, and water-repellent.

Cocoon sofa beds store provides flexible advantages to you and is much conscious regarding your comfort level. Thus, it has no compromise with your continuous night’s sleep on the sofa bed.

The significant features of sofabed offered by the Cocoon are:

  • Modular interlocking design.
  • Easy single-action clip-on-off areas.
  • Detachable arms and also the back of the sofa bed.

Who owns cocoon furniture?

Cocoon is an evolving furniture brand owned by a husband and wife team David and Glyn Austin. It is a private company that begins its journey in 2003 in Toronto.

Furthermore, The main aim of this unique and upgrowing home furniture and the interior designing company is to provide leading and qualitative products to its consumers. 

The Cocoon Custom Collection includes case goods (CASE by Cocoon), and upholstered furniture. Cocoon selects hand-made or bench-made products in various parts of the UK and USA.  The significant element of Cocoon is that its sofa beds are the best-selling product compared to other products.

What Is The Warranty On Cocoon Sofa Bed?

Cocoon provides a 12-month supplier-backed product guarantee from the date of delivery. Cocoon sofa beds do not show wear and tear after some years of use rather they are designed, and manufactured keeping longevity in mind. Sofa beds and sofa sleepers both are excellent options if you are short on space. But, which Is A Better Sofa Bed Or A Sofa Sleeper?

Quality is at the center of everything and there is no compromise on materials in manufacturing processes. bear in mind, the warranty of a product(s) starts from the date of purchase.

What isn’t covered in the warranty?

  • This warranty does not apply if one uses the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products.
  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents. 
  • This warranty does not apply if the product delivers outdoors or in a humid environment.
  • This warranty does not cover consequential or accidental damage.

Are Cocoon Sofa Beds Of Good Quality?

The team of designers who established Cocoon majorly focuses on the quality of their products. They believe only a good quality sofa bed will let an individual sleep well without any irritation and discomfort.

Cocoon three seaters, and Cocoon Lite are the better qualitative pieces of Cocoon to consider. The three-seater cocoon sofa also known as the cocoon kip has a hidden mattress that offers a more cozy night of sleep.

On the other side, the Cocoon Lite is the more compact option as it offers a one-touch opening. (the two-seater sofa converts into a small bed without any physical effort)

Furthermore, Cocoon aims to supply innovative furniture that surpasses all safety standards which has set the benchmark to make them proud market leaders. All Cocoon cribs are independently tested by SGS and are compliant with all the required safety standards.

 It applies the following key features to all designs:

  • Use only superior materials
  • Safe and innovative designs
  • Multiple functions
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Affordable Pricing

COCOON offers a range of designs both contemporary and traditional to suit all tastes and all budgets to create the perfect home for a loved one.

Cocoon Sofa Bed Contact Number?

The main company of cocoon sofa Beds is located in England(London).

  • England Company contact number:

12009607/ 01243 372559

  • Company Address:


  • Fax:


  • Showroom Address:

7301 Burnet Rd, Ste 200, Austin, TX 78757

Are Cocoon Sofa Beds Canadian-Made?

Cocoon sofa beds are Canadian-made and also manufactured in the (United Kingdom) London and the USA.

Cocoon is upgrading day by day and it also increasing the number of locations of manufacturing. Canada is one of the main places of cocoon furniture creation and design. New, classic, and contemporary types of cocoon pieces plants are existing in Canada.

Additionally, living room, bedroom, dining room, and even outdoor all types of cocoon sofa beds are made in Canada. 

Furthermore, the locals and the outsiders both types of shoppers enjoy Cocoon shopping. As It provides friendly and efficient customer service and also ensures a positive buying experience.

Finally, Cocoon provides all types of furniture with different and unique designs and with the best qualities.

Cocoon Second-Hand Sofa Beds?

Cocoon sofa beds are made with luxuriously deep-pocket spring mattresses, just like a real bed. Even Cocoon provides Second-hand large, double, and single sofa beds at good prices and also offers discounts. 

Cocoon offers ex-display discounts in which ex-display chair beds, ex-display two-seater sofa beds, and ex-display sofa beds are available at a discount. Hence, giving good services to its shoppers.

You will find thousands of categories and hundreds of varieties of second-hand cocoon sofas In the cocoon market.

The price tag and the quality of second-hand cocoon sofas are also acceptable. Also, visit Which Sofa Fabric Is Easiest To Clean? for a better and more cozy piece of new sofa for your place.

Final Thoughts?

As a concluding thought, where are cocoon sofa beds made? Cocoon sofa beds are usually made in London. (United Kingdom) The manufacturing facilities are also available in Canada, USA, and China.

Cocoon’s unique Pocket Sleep technology offers a deeper and more comfortable sofa-bed mattress. Moreover, It is made with an easy lift design mechanism.

It’s simple and unique water-blocking technology prevents major stains, making them even more suitable for pets and everyday family use.

Cocoon also aspires to help travelers and adventurers be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep wherever they are. It is the best choice to order or buy furniture from the cocoon with the best quality and comfortable beds or furniture used in our daily life.

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