Quality Sleep Matters: Evaluating Ashley Mattress and Serta

Ashley Mattress and Serta mattresses both are the most sold types of bed mattresses (high quality) on the market. Despite that, Ashley mattress or Serta to pick as the next piece of mattress is very vital to consider. Because sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Both Ashley and Serta mattresses offer a wide range of quality, price tags, sizing, delivery options, return policies, and many more.

Serta is the best to know for its cooling comfort and plushness, and the Ashley mattress is suitable for an affordable price and has a variety of options to select from. 

Honing which one is the right choice for you is a bit challenging. However, the below research-based article will remove your stress about this overwhelming shopping confusion. And I will help you to decide which is a better choice for you according to your preferences. 

Is Ashley Mattress And Serta Mattress The Same Company?

Serta Mattress and Ashley are American companies but these two are not the same. They are two different names in the market of mattresses.

Ashley Furniture is a private furniture company run by a father and son-team. (Ron and Todd Wanek) It sells all kinds of home furniture and decor. 

Moreover, Ashley is famous for its HomeStores which are not only located in the United States but cover most parts of the globe. ( UK, Canada, Asian Countries, and many more)  

Ashley Furniture also crafts its brand of mattresses. (Chime, Ashley sleep) Serta is also an American company known for all types of mattresses for all types of sleepyheads. 

It’s been giving its services since 1931 and is better known as one of the household names in the mattress industry. 

Is Ashley Furniture A Good Brand Of Mattress?

Sleep has a significant impact on your health and it s very essential to choose a good and qualitative piece of mattress. Ashley is a respectable and transparent brand that not only meets quality but health and safety standards also.

Ashley’s Furniture has a good name in the furniture industry. Is Ashley Furniture Real Wood? It is well-known in more than 66 countries across the globe.

Ashley works with the independent own Ashley Furniture homestores but, it has its mattress manufacturing brands which are Chime and Ashley Sleep. These two mattresses have a good rating in the Trustpilot and most customers are satisfied with the products.

Customer Reviews On Serta Mattress?

The customers of serta give positive reviews on moving heat away from the body. Some buyers are satisfied with the free shipping and return policies of serta. But, usually shows dissatisfaction with the high prices of the mattresses.

Furthermore, Consumers also give high marks on the night trial period. Reviews also say the serta mattress supplies good support and cooling upgrade options.

However, buyers frequently report durability issues and issues of firmness and long-term comfort. Some buyers called Serta Mattress’s services terrible, but on another side, some shoppers displays an approving reaction.

To come up with facts I had gone through research and contacted the customer service line. In the descending paragraph, I will walk you through the main differences between Ashley Mattress and Serta Mattress.

What Is The Difference Between Ashley Mattress And Serta Mattress?

To give you a clear picture of both brands I have done research and collected authentic data for you. 

The difference between Ashley’s mattress and Serta will help you to decide which will be the better and preferable choice for you according to your liking, requirements, preferences, needs, and budget.


Serta manufacturers use Certi-PUR-US certified foam. It does not contain flame retardant and has low emissions of volatile organic compounds for indoor air quality. 

Talking about Ashley Furniture is an old furniture manufacturing company that provides furniture of better quality. In addition to that it has its own mattress manufacturing brands that never compromise with the quality.

So, both companies offer qualitative mattresses but, also do offer low-quality pieces as well. Thus, crucial to note the more you invest the more quality you will have.

Parent Company

Ashley Furniture is a well-known company that is serving people for a long time. Ashley’s company headquarter is located in Arcadia Wisconsin America. 

The Ashley Furniture industry has been working itself having no parent company. 

On the other side, Serta is also a well-known mattress manufacturing company and has been serving people for a long time. Serta also has no parent company however, Simmons Bedding is a subsidiary of Serta’s company but it has no parent company of itself. 

Both Ashley Furniture and Serta are working independently without any parent company supervising them.


The headquarter of Ashley’s Furniture is located in  Arcadia, Wisconsin in the United States Of America. While, The headquarter of Serta’s company is located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States 

Pricing Guide 

The pricing of both Ashley and Serta Mattresses differs and varies from product quality to the size of the mattresses. The prices of both of the company’s mattresses start from $150. 

Meanwhile, it is considered that Ashely furniture is preferable, affordable, and cheaper as compared to Serta’s company.

Best Firm Mattress

Serta Mattress is available in three firmness levels plush, medium, and extra firm. While the Ashley Mattress is also available in different firmness levels and the mattresses come with a memory foam top layer

It is important to note that firmness levels vary according to your sleeping position.


Ashley mattress comes in sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king size with a variety of styles while Serta mattresses are also available in different sizes.

The sizes of mattresses start from the crib, small single, twin, twin extra large, full, extra full, queen, Olympic queen, king, and ends in California king.


Ashley’s Mattress is manufactured from memory foam and it is considered to last longer than a spring mattress. Which Is Better Foam Or Spring Mattress? The average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

According to the reviews of serta mattress buyers, it also lasts 10 years. Latex foam mattresses have more lifespans than others.


Serta Mattresses are best known for their cool, balanced sleeping temperature. They are much cozier for side sleepers.  Ashley’s firm feels and cozy foam coatings are very relaxing for the back and tummy sleeper.


The serta mattress arrived on your doors (standard delivery) within 5 to 4 weeks. ( mostly takes 14 business days) Serta provides convenient shopping.

You can purchase from Serta websites and stores as well. Might be curious, is it good to buy furniture online or store? read here. 

On average shipping, Ashley takes 5 to 10 days to deliver the mattress to your door. Furthermore, the delivery also depends upon the distance of your place from the Ashley HomeStore.

Product Description

Serta Mattress uses the Artic Cooling mattress pad power by REACTEX. The products of REACTEX are much more relaxed than non-REACTEX products. 

This technology provides more cooling which is the reason serta is best for hot sleepers.

On the other side, Ashley’s Mattresses are constructed from high-density foam and various materials. It includes layers of latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and some other products.

Mattress Construction

One of the unique features of serta mattresses is that it manufactures eco-friendly mattresses. It is made from pocket coils and memory foam.

Ashley provides innerspring, hybrid, and all types of memory foam mattresses and also utilizes environment-friendly methods.

Off Gas

Lower quality of foam off powerful gas because it contains chemicals like isocyanates. Ashley uses memory foam, it does not give off the gas but, a smell you will feel initially.

However, the CertiPUR certificate verifies that the Ashley mattress does not release any toxic gas while sleeping.

Serta Mattress also emits gas initially and many consumers report the long-term unpleasant smell of the product.

 Trial Period

Serta Mattress offers a trial of 120 days in which you can try the mattress and later on return it to them. 

Ashley does not provide any such facilities. Ashley is an old well-known company that is trusted by millions of people throughout the world. It does not need to provide any such trial offers.

Comparison Between Ashley Mattress And Serta Mattress

Finding the right mattress for healthy nights of sleep is very crucial. Both Ashley and Serta manufacturers are recognizable brands in American-made bedding.

Sleep Position

Serta is highly ranked for side sleepers of any age. The memory foam and the pocket coils provide good alignment of the body for a long night of sleep.

Meanwhile, Ashley is best for the back sleepers. The firm feel of memory foam works better for a back sleeper.

Protection Plan

Ashley provides a protection plan for its mattress customers that includes unexpected or foreseen damages. How Much Is Ashley Furniture Protection Plan? Read here

Serta provides a limited warranty for its mattresses it does not offer any premium protection plan.

Take Away

When you buy a new mattress from Ashley they will pick your old one. But, they work according to their policy of one-for-one. (buy one give one)

The serta online purchase offers the removal of your old mattress. However, if you purchase from the retailers it depends upon the policies of the retailer.


Ashley is a well-known brand that is supplying its services for more than 75 years. It is a well-reputed brand having more than 1000 endless customers.

Serta is the new name in the furniture market compared to Ashley Furniture. It has less number of trusted shoppers than Ashley Furniture.


 Both Ashley Furniture and serta offer a warranty of 10 years for their products.

Return Policy

You can return the serta mattress that comes with a 4-month home sleep trial. 

However, the returned mattress will not be eligible for a second-time exchange. You can return Ashley’s mattress within 90 days but you will not be fully funded. 

What Makes Ashley So Special?

You will barely find a furniture shopper who is not aware of the name Ashley. Ashley Furniture is giving its services in the furniture market since 1945.

It is at the top of the hierarchy of budget-minded and inexpensive furniture brands.

The mattress of Ashley is famous for its good quality construction. ( layer after layer of extra soft foam) It reduces the pressure on the stress points and provides good body alignment.

Ashley makes all types of mattresses for all support levels. You will find a broad catalog of mattresses from plush to extra firm.

What Are Different Types Of Serta Mattresses?

Serta offers a wide variety of mattresses and has put out a series of exclusive mattresses. Down, we spotlight some of the most popular serta mattresses. 

  1. Serta perfect sleeper
  2. iComfort Hybrid
  3. Serta comfort
  4. Serta luxe
  5. Serta IComfort Hybrid
  6. EZ Tote
  7. iSeries
  8. Sleep
  9. Sleep True
  10. Serta Serene Sky
  11. Arctic

Conclusion– Ashley Mattress Or Serta Mattress?

No doubt both the Ashley and serta mattresses are well known for their quality, comfort zone, and sound sleep but to consider an Ashley mattress or Serta Mattress view the unique perks of each before finalizing the one.

Both companies have their customer satisfaction and unique features. Both, have different levels of customer satisfaction that we looked deep in detail.

But, Ashley Furniture has an impressive reputation among furniture shoppers and is rated as the top mattress brand. Its free shipping and easy return policies are the most appreciated services they provide.

Read the above mention details carefully about bAshley and Serta mattresses to consider which works better according to your needs. Always remember dreams are the raw material for success, so never compromise with sound sleep.

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