Baby Mattress: Foam vs. Spring – Which is Better?

Babies spend most of their time sleeping and Foam and spring mattress is on the front line to consider for babies. But, you must ask yourself Among Foam Or Spring mattresses, which is Better For Babies?

Both foam and spring mattress has their benefits and ease level for newborns or babies. However, foam is the most comfortable, better, and healthiest choice for babies.

The foam is softer than the spring and provides more body support and is excellent for conforming and contouring. Not every foam is better. The one that is firm and flat without deep flexibility is better for babies.

Today’s article will focus on the pros and cons of foam mattresses and spring mattresses. In addition to that, you will also come to know the difference between foam and spring mattresses. You will be better informed about which one is the right choice for your babies to complete a healthy sleep.

Which Mattress Is Better Foam Or Spring?

Among the various types and kinds of baby mattresses available in the baby mattress market, foam and spring mattresses are on the top for your babies. Each has its pros and cons, but the spring mattress list is more inclined toward the negative.

Foam Mattress

The foam mattress encompasses the subsequent chemical compounds. (polyol, polyisocyanates, water, and other chemicals) Polyisocyanates (diisocyanate) and polyol are polymers, and when they mix with water they produce polyurethane foam.

The polyurethane foam is inert and harmless for your babies. The same is memory foam which provides more cozy and pressure relief sleep to the weak muscles of your babies.

Foam mattress offers a variety of features for your babies to sleep. The foam mattress is lightweight and excellent for conforming, soft, more enduring, easily transported, comfortable, and good for pressure relief.

Moreover, the foam mattress is hypoallergenic (especially, memory foam mattress) which resists dust mites invasion and saves your babies from allergies and irritation.

Yet, some buyers believe that a big disadvantage of foam mattress is that it is heat resistant, which makes it difficult for babies to sleep in a hot environment. (stuck-in feel)

To overcome this problem it is better to choose the open cell memory foam. They are a porous structure and provide perfect airflow.

Usually, foam crib mattresses are created from natural and organic material and have no risk of infant death syndrome or suffocation. However, only the better quality foam possesses these properties, not every foam is ideal for babies to sleep.

Hence, note that the quality, performance, and longevity of foam depend on the materials used in its construction. 

A foam mattress is better for babies to provide excellent spinal alignment, good pressure relief, and a night of sound sleep to your baby than a spring mattress. 

Spring Mattress

The primary structure of spring mattresses consists of metal coils or springs for assistance, which are covered in foam, forming the support layer. 

This layer is topped with upholstery forming the consoling layer. The layered upholstery ensures that the sleeper doesn’t sense the coils and is derived without delay beneath their body, which can also bring about soreness.

Spring mattresses provide a traditional feel and they are also budget-friendly mattresses. but, the comfort level of these baby’s mattresses depends upon the coils present in the mattress. 

Though coils are better for the control of motion, they have no comparison with foam mattresses in motion isolation.

One of the great benefits of spring mattress is it stays cool even in the hot weather because they offer vast empty spaces between the coils. However, they lack contoured support and cushioned comfort. 

Which Material Is Best For Baby Mattress?

You will find hundreds of mattress types across thousands of categories. Thus, selecting the best material for your little angel is one of the toughest tasks to perform. So, think a hundred times before you decide mattress for your babies.

Among the various types of baby mattress materials, memory foam, and latex are the best materials.

These two materials are the most recommended types of mattress materials. Memory foam baby crib mattresses are lightweight, cheap, and provide good support. 

This material does not sag and has high density which makes it more supportive.   However, the material retains body heat and makes the body sweat.

The other material is latex, which is also the best baby mattress material. Latex is injurious for your babies if this material is synthesized. Synthetic latex is not good and unhealthy for babies.

But, on another side, natural latex is 100% safe and healthy for babies. It is highly breathable and good for temperature regulation. Though because of the qualitative features of this material, it is expensive but money is not of much value to your baby’s life.

Some mattresses are made in such a way that they emit toxic gasses, which are very harmful to babies. Never think of buying such types of mattresses.

According to research, babies grow faster than others when they are asleep. Parents need to choose the right and most useful material for the baby to sleep in.

Which Is Comfortable Foam Or Spring Mattress For Babies?

Comfortable refers to providing physical ease and relaxation. Some consider foam to be cozier for babies than spring while it is not the same case for others.

The more firmness means the more comfortable. Spring and foam mattresses offer different firmness. The medium firm is considering a better firmness level.

A Spring baby mattress is much more flexible and bouncy than a foam mattress. It provides a good support level but little contouring. Thus, the spring mattress firmness level is less than the foam mattress.

On the other side, a foam mattress is softer and provides the best contouring than a spring mattress. It is the reason that foam mattress is considered more comfortable than spring mattresses for babies.

Furthermore, the spring mattresses are not good for pressure relief. Due to the uneven distribution of body weight. It does not provide a good spinal alignment and the body feels pressure on the back, shoulders, knees, and other parts of the body.

The foam mattresses are the best option for pressure relief due to the even distribution of body weight.

Is Foam Mattress Good For Babies?

The foam mattress is very good for babies. It is the first crib mattress that provides healthy and sound sleep to your baby. However, it is also a fact that foam mattress is not good for a newborn but, it is good for older baby

Newborn muscles are too fragile to move and there are more possibilities of suffocation on the soft surface. But, for babies who can move and change their sides easily foam mattress is a better choice for them than a spring mattress.

That was a time when foam mattresses were considered bad for sleep. Now thanks to technology and science the quality, features, properties, structure, and comfort level of a foam mattress are much better than a spring mattress. The foam mattress is no longer referred to injurious or bad mattress, especially for babies.

The more firm the surface the better for a night of healthy and comfortable sleep for the baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics also agrees with this point of view.

Is Foam Mattress Safe For Baby?

When picking up a mattress for your baby’s safety is a huge factor to consider before finalizing the mattress. Foam mattresses are created from safe and organic material. 

As discussed earlier, all types of foam are not safe for babies only the qualitative and the best baby foam mattress are safe for babies such as latex and memory foam. These two types of mattresses are safe for babies to sleep in.

The creation of foam mattresses includes organic and natural materials. Thus, there is not any other material that qualifies the properties of organic and natural materials. 

Always prefer the type of foam mattress which is made from organic and non-toxic materials.

Is Foam Baby Mattress Breathable?

Breathable refers to allowing the air to pass through. Some baby foams are Infamous for trapping body heat because they contain isocyanate which leads to difficulty in breathing. 

Babies are very sensitive to odors as their body organs are not strong enough to fight against the heavy and bulk smells around them. 

Foam mattresses are made from the derivatives of petroleum and this chemical gives off a smell. Though the odor is negligible yet it may be sensitive to the baby and unable to breathe properly. 

The smell fades away in a few days of use. Yet, if your baby’s health is not normal then put the mattress in sunlight before use to get rid of the smell.

If the construction of the foam takes low-quality materials or more chemicals then it will cause difficulty in breathing. But, not from the manufacturing of organic material.                                                                                                                                                                           

Babies’ muscles, bones, and every organ are very weak which means they need even more support than individuals while sleeping. Unlike an individual, there are more chances of suffocation and death of a baby on an unbreathable mattress. 

Can A Baby Sleep On A Spring Mattress?

Innerspring also provides good support and has more lifespan. However, the gaps present in the spring mattress do not supply as much body alignment as the foam mattress. So, there is more risk of entrapment, irritation, and suffocation for your baby to sleep.

However, the large empty spaces of the spring mattresses are perfect for ventilation. The foam mattress is much softer than spring mattresses and better for babies.

It softens as it heats up and hardens on cooling while the spring mattresses are the best known for their temperature neutrality. 

The coils offer much space to circulate the flow of air and the heat does not affect the coil’s feel. Thus, if the temperature is balanced it would not affect sleep. It keeps the body temperature cool. 

However, regular foam mattresses do not allow the flow of air and disturb your baby’s sleep. But, using modern technology the foam manufacturers use such techniques to keep the baby mattresses cool and temperature neutral. (latex)


In conclusion Foam or spring mattresses for babies? A foam mattress is better and more popular than a spring mattress for babies. If you want your child to not expose to any toxicity or any unhealthy surface.

Babies are lightweight and the firm surface of foam mattresses provides a hugging feeling. Especially the mattresses made from latex(natural) and memory foam. They are the safest and most supportive ones.

When picking a mattress for your baby, safety is a huge factor to keep in view. Before finalizing any mattress for your baby check the organic and natural material and the certification.

No matter which mattress you choose. The essential thing to consider is the removal of all staff (toys, cushions, tablets) from the baby’s mattress to avoid any kind of suffocation or risk of infant death syndrome. (SIDS)

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