Competing for Your Windows: Lowe’s vs Home Depot Installation

The two big box stores Lowes V/s Home Depot window installation is the major choice for you if you decide to not install or replace your window from a local window replacement company or contractor. However, which approach would be better for you?

 Lowes Vs Home Depot Window Installation?

Lowes v/s home depot window installation? from the two big stores which is the better option to choose? Because both are the players of the same game. Home Depot is good because it remotely consults, ( also in person) organizes the full installation, and offers a good warranty, and finance.

Your old leaky windows do not maintain the temperature of your house? As a result, if your heater or AC works more than usual or your new home is incomplete without windows then what are you waiting for? Here’s what exactly you need to know about Lowes v/s Home Depot window installation.

What Is The Difference Between Lowes And Home Depot?

Home Depot and lowes are publicly owned by two different entities. Both offer a variety of brands in style at affordable prices. Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer (US) that possesses 17% of the market share and lowes comes in second with about 12% market share. (second largest hardware retailer in the united states)

Let’s further break down what exactly both companies are about in window installation.

Home Depot

It is one of the nation’s leading home improvement companies better known for its quality products, which are designed, installed, built, and guaranteed by home depot. 

Further, it has a wider variety of exclusive products sold at lower prices.

If we talk about the windows, Home Depot offers a vast array of window options that includes single and double-hung, storm windows, awning windows, skylights, etc. Hence, it provides a much better option for energy-efficient window models.

It also provides a window buying guide that helps you to decide which type and material will work on your residence or office.

One of the best things about home depot is that it has a large selection of window types and brands to pick from.


Lowes is also a big home improvement store that is convenient and affordable for window installation. It also offers a few low-cost windows and installation facilities.

Lowes provides window installation services through independent professionals which are limited to one year warranty. And if you found any issues with the window you need to warranty claim with the manufacturer rather than lowes.

Usually provides fiberglass, aluminum, wood windows, and vinyl windows and has a less catalog of windows than Home Depot.

Furthermore, homeowners raise some issues with the energy efficiency of lowe’s window installation.

One of the important factors to note is that Lowes does not offer personalized custom treatment despite offering a wide variety of window brands. 

It responds within 1-3 days and the free consultation mostly occurs over the phone. You can see the samples online and home consultation is provided in fewer areas.

Who Is Cheaper Lowes v/s Home Depot For Window Installation?

The issue of cost always comes up. The cost of window installation is determined by the window type, product, permit fees, installation, and taxes. There is no doubt window installation is a huge investment for homeowners.

In general a single window installation you can expect to pay around $200 to $2000 depending on the type of window and other factors.

The two big stores, being competitors of each other, often set competitive pricing that is identical but Lowes has more cost of window installation than Home Depot. 

Window replacement is not something to be done on a monthly or annual basis rather it is to be done once or twice in your residence or office so it is very crucial to make sure that in which you are investing is worth considering. 

It’s fine to not cross your budget but, much more important to not waste money again and again on replacing the window.

Why Choose Home Depot For Window Installation?

There are several positive factors to choosing Home Depot for window installation. Firstly, If you have an accent wall in the area of the new window installation the home depot window installation will not only improve the view of your home rather enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Secondly, the most significant advantage of home depot is its wide catalog of designs and varieties. You will not find a much broader catalog in the Lowes store. 

The fact that matters is that lowes is limited in their stock. If you did not find the standard sizing window then it became a headache to find a window that fits well in your area.

Thirdly, Home Depot offers more customization, unlike stores where you are only limited to stock.

Lastly, the Home Depot also includes stocking the windows and organizing the installation and warranties. Hence providing more services, value, and quality and the Installers are licensed professionals who undergo a background check.

Does Home Depot Have Better Customer Service Than Lowes?

Lowes has limited service from the installers compared to Home Depot. Home Depot has slightly better customer rating service than Lowes.

It is good for returning phone calls, following up, scheduling, showing up on time, etc compared to the lowes. The customers usually show positive feedback from the services of Home Depot.

After the installation, the friendly installation technicians also clean up completely before leaving.  

You can schedule a free consultation either at your home or through a video call then choose window options. You will get a quote, and after finalizing your decision can place the order.  During the quote timing, you can ask as many questions as you can and within the proper timing the Depot team will respond to you friendly. 

After that, the area specialist visits your home and will take all the important measurements you need to place your custom order and schedule installation. When windows will be delivered the installation process starts without any delay according to your scheduled date by the professionals.

What Is Included In Home Depot’s Window Installation?

  • The window installation service of Home Depot includes several things which are as follows.
  • It provides free in-home consultation.
  • The window installation from home depot also offers a design consultant.
  • It provides a complete project quote with a 30 days expiry limit and includes all labor and materials. 
  • It offers affordable financing options.
  • The Home Depot provides the facility of free removal of your old window.
  • It delivers and installs the new window.
  • The Home Depot provides a window guide to decide which is good for you.
  • Also offers a free virtual consultation for window installation. 
  • Provide wide affordable financing which includes the home depot credit card and the home depot project loan. 

So, concluding the whole home depot helps you find the best windows for your home based on your preferences and needs.

Does Home Depot Offer Warranties On Window Installation? 

Home Depot offers one of the highest quality limited warranties thus you not only feel confident about your window installation but rather stress-free. 

Lowes has one year warranty but the Home depot window installation warranty is more than one year. Plus financing options are available and also affordable window options available.

A great benefit of the big stores is that they typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, Lowes window installation warranty is not as long as the one that you would get at home depot. 

Finally, one of the great reasons why home depot is best for the installation of the window is that it offers one of the best warranties on the market.

What Brand Of Windows Does Home Depot Install?

As the price of the window plays a big role in the decision-making process just like the reputation and positive reviews of the window brand are also equally important factors to consider. 

The Home Depot includes the trusted window brands that are Andersen, Simonton, Ply, Gem, Jeld-wen, Milgard, ProtecSure by PGT, and Pella. These all are highly recommended and trustworthy window brands. Also, note that brands’ availability varies from region to region as well.

Moreover, you will find different styles of windows shaped, hung, double hung, basement hopper, casement and awning, sliding, bay, and bow available at Home Depot.

Will Home Depot Dispose Of The Old Window?

Home depot will hassle freely dispose of your old window without damaging the surrounding structure. You can rest assured that your old windows will be disposed of by highly experienced professionals without any cost. 

Even more, they will treat your home with the same care and attention as if it were their own and it is the identity of a good and trustworthy company.

Furthermore, a good company not only just installs your windows and moves away rather it fulfills your requirements and expectations it also understands what exactly features new windows possess to come upon your expectation.

Final Thought:(Lowes V/S Home Depot Window Installation)

It is important to note that the lifespan of your window depends on the installation. Among the two big stores, Lowes v/s Home Depot window installation. Home Depot is much better to choose for the installation of the window. 

A perfect installation from Home Depot not only ensures that your windows will function properly but also you will have many enjoyable years of maintenance-free windows.

In general, the two big stores lowes v/s Home Depot window installation usually come across because they are a big-time competitor in the same market. If you want the best quality window for the best price, a high-quality window that will not only look cozy in your residence rather will last a long then you should consider home depot window installation.

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