Trend Check: Are Floating Shelves Still Stylish in 2023?

Shelves are the best places to keep items arranged in proper order thus floating shelves are one of the commonly used types of shelves but before installing you must know,  Are Floating Shelves Still In Style In 2023? 

Floating shelves are still in style in 2023 and are a great way to enhance your bare space into a functional space. This style of the shelf is not going away because of its popularity to create an extra illusion of clean and simple space. ( also saves your valuable space) Plus it’s an easy and cheap installation that gives a charm and fascinating look to your place.

Are you fed up with the items lying around in piles on desks or stacking up in the corners of the rooms? It’s time to arrange them in a proper and trending order but how?

In today’s blog I will uncover the truth are floating shelves still in style in 2023? I will also explain why floating shelves are not outdated and so popular. Are floating shelves better to choose from? with some main advantages of having floating shelves in your home.

Are Floating Shelves Out Of Style In 2023?

Trends come and go and floating shelves are on trend from the past many years until now. It’s on the hierarchy of the stylish type of shelving of the year 2023. 

Floating shelves come into being of a cleat and a hollow box. The cleat is attached to the wall while the hollow box slides snugly over the coat. Thus, the whole shelf is attached to the wall with no visible means of support.

Further, floating shelves are not going out of style in the year of water rabbits. (2023)

It is a timeless styling way to add charm and storage space to any room. These shelves not only provide a storage zone rather it’s a great way to displace your favorite items neatly and beautifully. 

The floating shelves don’t show signs of going away because many homeowners prefer these shelves to be installed in their homes. 

In reality, whatever you display on the shelf tells a story about you to the viewer. Anything you display has an open story, of course, there is no end of stories thus no end of the style. So, how can the shelf go out of the style which frame and support your story?

Why Are Floating Shelves So Popular?

One of the key features of floating shelves is that they don’t take up a lot of space. So, installing this type of shelving will not look tacky in your place. Even more, the floating shelves give a bigger and lighter look to the small and dark corners of the room. 

Furthermore, the popularity of the floating shelves also revolves around their manufacturing. These shelves are made from a wide range of materials like wood, tiles, and hardwood. These materials are not only long-longlasting but available in a variety of designs, styles, color patterns, and shapes.

Consequently, the floating shelves can easily fit with any home decor, design, style, and place. You don’t need to change the decor or the set of your area. Thus, floating shelves are one of the elegant ways to use any type of wall space for storage without disturbing the whole setting of the area.

What Are The Advantages Of Floating Shelves?

There are many positive points of having a floating shelve in your rooms or office. Some of the advantages of in-style floating shelves are as follows: 

  • One of the most significant advantages of having floating shelves in your home is that they provide an opportunity to display your favorite items in a unique and personal look.
  • These shelves are not getting dusted easily. And have low maintenance you can easily take care to keep them and keep clean and attractive.
  • The room looks bigger, one of the great ways to give a larger look to the room. It saves your valuable space especially if you lack extra area at your home.
  • Floating shelves are strong enough ( support 45-55 pounds of weight, but depend on the installation.) to hold a lot of weight.
  • These shelves not only create a focal point in the room rather shows the vibe of having extra visual space. 
  • Not that much expensive to install and you can customize the shelf to meet your needs. 
  •  It also organizes the clutter, and the closet also converts the dark corners into eye-catching corners.
  • Another plus point of floating shelves is as they can not take up more space so you can put them in a corner or above the sink.
  • It does not take the floor space rather it gives life and a focal point to the empty and bare spaces. Thus, a space saver takes zero floor space.

Are Floating Shelves Better?

Floating shelves are a better choice for any type of room in your home sweet home. If installed in the kitchen provide easy access to the kitchenware and saves space. Plus much more convenient to have all your cooking items visible to grab at the time of need. 

Further, if installed in the living room gives the feel of a stylish and neat space.

Hence, floating shelves are better to consider because this shelving does not make your kitchen or living room cluttered. 

Even more, you will not find any difficulty to arrange things perfectly. Without any expertise, you can easily organize the shelf giving it a uniform look and feel. 

If you are quite busy with your routine then rest assured floating shelves are not challenging to keep clean and organized. Also, it is one of the main reasons why floating shelves are in style in 2023 and are better to choose from.

Furthermore, on a floating shelf, you will not find any difficulty to replace or rearrange the items. Everything is on your eye and you can change the display items without any complications. 

Floating shelves are better because you can also change the edging style and give different look to the whole shelf. (you can opt for a more ornate edge like the roman Ogee or rounded) 

This kind of shelving did not sag or tile over time and shows a good life expectancy. Floating shelves not only limit the display of your favorite items rather you can also add some accent to your shelves. (Add some plant pots, awards, artwork, or any other sort of decoration)

Do Floating Shelves Sag Over Time?

The floating shelves do not sag or tilt after some years of installation. However, the shelves start to sag if the front of the shelf appears lower than the back of the shelf. The reason behind this is that it lacks strong support to hold it over time.

Furthermore, the floating shelf also starts to tilt if not installed properly. The poor installation will not be able to hold the weight of your display items. Thus, the shelf starts to sag and will lose its function. So, If you notice the shelf tilting or the wood wrapping immediately remove everything off the shelf to avoid any damage or sudden falling of the whole shelf.

A floating shelf can hold a lot of weight but depends on some factors. Firstly the shelf dimension and secondly the position of the shelf and the brackets of the shelves. Though floating shelves can hold a good weight but bear in mind they might start to sag if the support whatever it’s holding is overweight. 

Lastly, it is crucial to mention that usually, a floating shelf might start to sag after 08-12 years of installation, but it does not start to sag within a year.

Final Thoughts: Are Floating Shelves Still In Style In 2023?

To wrap the whole are floating shelves still in style in 2023? Floating shelves are on their way out and day by day becoming the choice of many homeowners. Without a doubt, this type of shelving is one of the unique, quickest, easiest, and most stylish ways to upgrade and give a charming look to your home.

Lastly, floating shelves allow you to showcase whatever you are displaying. And you can also place your most adored items in a logical order. Hence, what are you waiting for? Go for it to change the look of your empty wall.

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