Battle of the Brands: Ikea, Wayfair, and Overstock Compared

Ikea vs Wayfair vs Overstock all are big box stores that are well-known in the market of furniture and home furnishing. However, before making your purchase from one over the other it is very crucial to compare them. Plus understand their features, advantages, differences, prices, and the quality of the product they are offering.

Beautiful bedroom furniture set from Ikea.

Ikea vs Wayfair vs Overstock The three furniture suppliers’ recognition revolves around their target audience, product selection, shipping cost, customer rating, items cost, and return policies. 

In today’s blog, we will compare, and know the quality of products, prices, ranking, and customer rating of Ikea vs Wayfair vs Overstock. Stay with the blog till the end to know all the important information.

Comparison Of Ikea Vs Wayfair Vs Overstock

Ikea and Wayfair are the two big furniture retailers. Both are run through online and offline systems. Moreover, via different television ads, websites, and sales channels they are competing with each other. 

Ikea is an international name known by more people than Wayfair. It was founded in 1943, as a furniture and home furnishing retailer. It is the largest platform for buying and selling various kinds of products at various prices. 

Also, offers more variety of products than Wayfair and Overstock. 

In 2002 Wayfair was founded by two entrepreneurs Niraj Shah and Steve Conine. It does not make its own products but buys from various suppliers. Though sells some products at lower costs but not give a guarantee of its products as they are third-party made.

On the other hand, Overstock is an old American internet retailer selling different kinds of furniture. It was founded by a businessman named Patrick M.Byrne in 1999 as Overstock. com, inc.

Unlike Ikea and Wayfair where you can see and feel the furniture before you buy the overstock is solely online and does not provide the possibility of physical touch. But, provides different kinds of furniture and decor items for a variety of shoppers.

On the other side, Ikea is a step ahead in selling a variety of items specially ready-to-assemble furniture. While Wayfair does not provide this facility.

Additionally, Ikea has more revenue with an estimation of 14 Billion euros as of the year 2022. while, Wayfair and Overstock have less revenue, estimated to be US$ 12.2 (Wayfair) and US$1.92 billion (Overstock) as of the year 2022.

The Difference Between Ikea, Wayfair, And Overstock

Let’s break down some major differences between the three vendors Ikea Vs Wayfair Vs Overstock to know which is the best choice for you. Also, you will able to conclude the better option according to your needs and requirements.

Some major difference between Ikea, Wayfair, and Overstock is as follows:


Ikea’s target audience is those who are looking for affordable and easy-to-assemble furniture.

It provides flat-pack items which are easily assembled by the customers themselves. (save some money because directly shipped from the manufacturer) 

Ikea has more showrooms and usually offers furniture sales. Hence, Providing more opportunities for the customers to physically see, touch, feel, and experience the items.

Further, Ikea provides a large store network and has a self-service warehouse for that reason it becomes very comfortable to buy if you don’t have much time to visit the stores.

I also provide a wide variety of furniture and home decor items from classic to contemporary. It is highly cost-efficient and best for affordable home furnishing products.

Ikea also has a warehouse clearance section sale where a shopper not only finds discounted, or floor items but also gets the products that have been no longer in stock.


The target audience of Wayfair is the medium-income and those between the ages of 34 to 65 years.

Usually, the availability of flat-pack items is lacking. Wayfair doesn’t have any self-service warehouse but does provide the facility of a large network chain.

A large selection of home and decor items, kitchen appliances, and mattresses are available. It offers considerable sales, online coupons, weekly specials, and reward programs. (offers cash back for purchases)

Products are usually created by third-party companies. Also, provide the 3D room planner to help you visualize how your new furniture will work at your place.

Lastly, Wayfair, Does not have a physical showroom. It uses AI(artificial intelligence) to predict the color, design, shape, and size of the item you want to buy.


The target audience of Overstock is adults between the age of 25 to 34. 

Overstock is an online retailer hence it has zero showrooms. It provides a wide variety of online products, including home decor, home improvement, rugs, and kitchen appliances at discount rates. Is it good to buy furniture online or in-store? you must know before purchasing a new piece of furniture for your home.

Furthermore, it Includes many top brands’ products that are compatible with Ikea.

It also provides the facility of free shipping over the $35 purchase.
It also provides special promotional deals that include free shipping.

Also, overstock has a reward program that helps customers to earn points and buy discounted merchandise.

The Quality Of Products they provide

IKEA has no compromise with the quality of its products. Their products are of high quality and enduring. Good material options it offers include pine, spruce, Oak, natural wood, and other engineered wood.

Overstock is an online retailer that is also very popular for its good quality products. It provides several different items for customers to choose from. (electronics, furnishing, apparel, home decor)

Overstock offers good products but due to stocking usually, the products are outdated, and old-fashioned, reducing demand and increasing levels of inventory in the store and in the warehouse.

The product material quality of Wayfair is available in a wide variety. Also a wide array of furniture products from a wide array of furniture manufacturers. 

It has both high-quality and cheap products made from various materials. But usually, shoppers are showing a negative response to the quality of the products. 

Customer rating of Ikea VS Wayfair Vs Overstock

Ikea has a customer rating of 3.18 stars from 314 reviews. From this rating, you can estimate how well it ranks. Shoppers most frequently mention its high quality of products at fewer prices, fast delivery, and friendly customer service.

One of the unique features of Wayfair is that it usually does not store its products in its warehouse, rather the products are directly supplied from the supplier to the consumer. Thus, most shoppers are giving good ratings to Wayfair for this easy shipping. has a good rating from the customer side, mostly satisfied with the free shipping on various items and good return policy.

Overstock has many problems; poor inventory control is one of the biggest negative things to consider about. The problems of theft, expiration, obsolescence, and diminished returns are observed. 

Plus they store too much stock in their warehouse which causes the high storage cost and decreases the working capital. However, It does not mean that the overstock is fake or scammed. It sells real products and is one of the authentic and reliable sellers.

Finally, the customer rating of Ikea is good compared to Wayfair and Overstock.

Cost of their products

Ikea prices are lower compared to Wayfair and Overstock. Buying products from IKEA is an excellent option for budget-conscious customers.

Wayfair prices are high compared to Ikea products and usually, you will not get what you paid for. 

The prices of overstock are also high but it provides discounts and promotions. However, it is noteworthy that you will not find deals and promotions at every location. It depends on the location and the customer.

Ranking of Ikea vs Wayfair vsOverstock

Among all Ikea is one at the top of the ranking hierarchy. It is the 8th largest furniture retailer in the United state. Wayfair comes next it is the 11th largest e-commerce company in the United States. 

Moreover, Wayfair is increasing its ranking day by day, and in 2022 Wayfair orders are 61 million. Thus, it Increases the value and quality of its products by focusing on the market quickly. 

Likewise, Ikea offers a good selection of merchandise online, fast and easy shipping, and buying the market share.

Wayfair products come directly from the factory or importer warehouses, buy from US mediators, and also ship directly to the consumer. 

In spite of the all positive factors, has 59.3M visits and 85 authority scores while has 205.5M visits and a 97 authority score.

The overstock is on the 14th rank among wholesale sites. Customers are usually reporting the poor quality and quantity of the products.


In conclusion, Ikea vs Wayfair vs Overstock all are big names in the market of home furniture and home decor. However, each furniture retailer has its own distinct features that make them unique. 

Likewise, Ikea is best for an affordable, and wide variety of home goods with 1000 showrooms. The Wayfair is better for a larger selection of kitchen appliances, and mattresses.

Overstock is included in one of the US fastest growing online retail in domestic sales. And always ready to meet any unexpected orders but, not have much variety of products.
Finally, before making a purchase, check the store and the deals it offers to save some amount of money and information about the best prices.

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