Smooth and Simple: Cancelling Your Ashley Furniture Online Order

You have placed an online order, but now you are not satisfied with the color, size, design, quality, or price of the online Ashley Furniture order thus, your only concern is How to cancel Ashley Furniture online order?

The online order cancellation process of Ashley Furniture is very easy.

You can cancel your Ashley Furniture online order from your online account of Ashley before the order is shipped. To cancel your placed order, mail them at least 2 days before the scheduled delivery date. You will receive a confirmation email of your order cancellation.

If the question is twisting around your mind, how to cancel your Ashley furniture online order? Rest assured you are on the right page below I will walk you through the quick and fast Ashley online order cancellation process and the fee for cancellation. 

How Do I Cancel An Online Order From Ashley Furniture?

A good feature of Ashley Furniture is that it allows shoppers to cancel online orders. You can cancel the order before its route toward your destination. 

Firstly, Open your Ashley online account to see the details of your order. If the order is not shipped then call customer care for the cancellation of your order. Also, you can email them and request to cancel your order.

To mail them go into your online account and check your order history in the manage account menu. The confirmation email sent to your account when placing the order will help you to mail them back for cancellation. Remember without beating around the bush just send a formal email requesting to cancel your placed order.  

The representatives of Ashley will respond to your mail within three days. They will send you a verification email of your cancellation of the order without any charge.

However, according to some buyers, they respond to you within a week of your mail. Also, bear in your mind if you do not receive the verification mail within the given period then mail them again or try to contact customer helpline service.

What Is The Return Policy Of Ashley Furniture?

Ashley is trying to provide as much convenience and facilities to its buyers as possible. Further, it has been quite successful in this struggle as well.

Its return policy is not hectic and includes a few easy and short steps.

Whether want to return or cancel an online order from Ashley Furniture you must consider the below points.

  • No Cancellation fee is demanded if you cancel the order within the given time.
  • Each separately owned Ashley Homestore has its policies of returns. Ensure to read the terms and conditions before finalizing to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • If you are ordering through standard shipping, then call 866-436-3393 for customer care help.
  • If an order is for home delivery, call customer help at 866-4363393. They will assist you.
  • Communication of fewer than 48 hours earlier delivery, Ashley will refund the amount and less the delivery fees as well. But, How To Get A Refund From Ashley Furniture?
  • Within 72 hours of delivery, you can return the item(s) without any restocking fee.

Order Canceling Process At Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture delivers its products through two means first standard delivery and second no-hassle delivery. What is the premium delivery of Ashley Furniture?

The standard delivery is simple delivery of your furniture to your doorsteps. While on the other side, No-Hassle delivery includes assembly orders.

The modes of canceling online and in-store orders are different. If your purchase is in-store, contact the retailer to ask about the cancellation of your order. A number is provided on the back of the receipt so that you can reach your retailer through that number. 

However, if you have made a purchase online, the procedure for canceling it is different. Log into your online account to know the details, status, and procedure for canceling the purchase.

In general, the cancellation policy of Ashley Furniture says that you are supposed to cancel the order within 3 days. Otherwise, you have to pay a 30% cancellation fee.

But, it is also crucial to know how much is the cancellation fee of Ashley Furniture. Keep Reading to find the answer

How Much Is The Cancellation Fee Of Ashley Furniture?

Though, you can easily cancel your online order from Ashley Furniture prior to the delivery. However, you must note that in the cancellation of an online order after delivery you have to pay a 30% of the order cancellation fee. And in the customize products order cancellation you have to 40% to 45% cancellation fee.

Moreover, if you cancel your order before furniture shipping you don’t need to pay for the delivery or cancellation fee. 

But, if you cancel the order two days before the delivery of the furniture then you have to bear the delivery charges. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation of your order with account debit.

To avoid breaking your bank card, I recommend canceling the order as soon as possible once you make up your mind about the cancellation.


To conclude the whole, How To Cancel Ashley Furniture Online Order? I suggest canceling your online order before the delivery date. If you exceed the given period which is 48 hours you will not need to pay an extra amount.

To cancel the Ashley Furniture online order follow the instructions given in your online account. But, keep in mind a mail from your side doesn’t mean you have canceled your order there must be a reciprocal mail conforming to your cancellation.

Further, also it is important to note that the process of canceling Ashley’s online order is different from the brick-and-mortar store. Thus, it is very essential to contact the correct customer care helpline to avoid any scam, fraud, or loss of money and trust from the well-known name of the furniture market “Ashley Furniture.”

Finally, whatever your reason for canceling your online order is, Ashley will help you to cancel your order without putting in a lengthy or hectic process.

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