Cost Insights: Exploring the Average Price to Install Laminate Floors

If you are planning to install laminate flooring in the water rabbit year (2023) you must ask, what is the average cost to install laminate flooring? Laminate flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring found around the globe and especially in the US. 

Laminate flooring installation is more effortless and more affordable to install than another flooring. The average cost to install laminate flooring varies from $900 to $500.  

In today’s blog, I will guide you through the average cost to install laminate flooring, (per square,1000 square foot room) factors that affect the cost of laminate floors, the installation cost of home depot, labor cost, and a list of fair price brands to install laminate floors.

The Average Cost To Install Laminate Floors?

Laminate flooring is not only a trendy and stylish option to use rather it is durable, easy to install, and resistant to water, stains, scratches, and spots. 

Actually, the cost of installation depends on the thickness of the planks and the layers of protection with and without an attached ped. (a ped prevents wear and helps withstand more high foot traffic) 

1 plank is priced by the square foot and the material is between 0$.70 to $2 per square foot. Typically varies from 0.60 to $4 per square foot (does not include material and removing furniture extra)

Professional installation typically costs between $4 to $8 per square foot including the underlayment.

The average cost to install laminate flooring ranges is from $890 to $4618. Price varies from $2.70 to $12 per square foot. Moreover, you can expect to pay around $3000 to $5000 if planning to install a high-quality laminate floor.

What Is The Average Cost Of Laminate Per Square Foot In 2023?

The average cost of laminate floors per square foot ranges from $0.68 to $2.59 the price increases according to the quality and special flooring patterns. 

High-quality laminate flooring costs heavily and you can expect to pay around $1.60 to $12 per square foot. Likewise, different laminate floors cost differently, for example, cherry costs $0.68 and elm cost $1.60. ( some cost by feature as well) You can pay a maximum of $12 per square foot.

Laminate planks are also available in pre-glued edges this makes the installation process very easy and cheap. If you don’t have much experience in installing the floors it is a better option to opt for as it has no risk of damaging the floors. It will also decrease the average cost to install laminate flooring.

How Much Does It Cost to Install 1000 Square Feet Of Laminate Floors?

The average installation cost in a 1000-square-foot room is 2,000 to $4,000 and the laying cost to install laminate flooring is $3 to $8 per square foot. 

Room size determines the actual cost of installing the laminate floors. Larger areas will need more material and take longer time and more money to install in contrast to smaller areas where the job can be done quickly using fewer materials.

Furthermore, the installation type cost also varies because laminate floors are available in a variety of styles and designs. A high-quality laminate installation in 1000 square feet will cost more money (up to $4500) and a cheap quality one starts from $1500.

Some laminate floors are easy to install and usually, take less than one day for the whole project to be complete. But, ensure a good contractor that can make the job go faster.

Factors Affect The Cost Of Installing The Laminate Floors

It is crucial to note that the general cost to install laminate flooring varies depending on a few factors, including the plank thickness, finish, features, and labor cost.


If you have a larger room it requires more material than the smaller one and thinner material requires an underlayment which adds to the overall cost. Thus thinner materials are less resistant to noise and water. A thicker material will cost more but it is usually worth considering.


One of the important factors that will affect the cost to install laminate flooring is the finishing and consider such finishes that will not show footprints and get dirty easily. Of the three main finishes mate, Sami mate, and glossy, the  Sami mate and glossy are the better to opt for.

Method of installation

An important factor to note is the installation method of the laminate floors. Usually, two main methods are used which are the click-together and glue methods. The type of glue which is used to secure the floor and the glue-down method needs more expertise to install which means increases the installation cost.

Wood type

The type of wood used in the construction of the laminate floors will affect the price. Low-quality wood will cost less money and high-quality one will demand more money. For example, Maple cost 0.70 per sq ft and the Beech cost $1 per sq foot.

Name of manufacturer

The name of the manufacturer also affects the price of installing the laminate floors. It will also put questions on the quality and aesthetic of your flooring. A well know manufacturer demands more money to install the floors compared to the local and less reputable manufacturer. Likewise, the Mohawk, Armstrong, Branton, and Kronoswiss are counted as the top laminate brands.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install Laminate Flooring?

Home Depot is one of the most considerable home improvement service and product supplier stores in the US. It also provides a full-service renovation experience and many other home improvement facilities. Home depot can charge differently for the installation of various floors from vinyl to laminate. Vinyl flooring is better option for kicthen but, what is the best vinyl flloring for the kitchen is noteworthy.

What is the average cost to install laminate flooring?

The home depot cost to install the laminate flooring depends on various factors. (type of laminate floor, size, and location of the room)

Typically, Home Depots charge $2 to $3 per square foot of laminate to install, and the material cost is around $1.50 per square foot. The technicians of Home Depot are qualified and very experts in their work. 

Home Depot sells eight types of laminate floors with different cost installations. It does not provide the facility of free installation but it does open the doors for some healthy negotiation. It also offers financing to make the process as affordable as possible for you.

The representatives from the company visit your home to take the measurements and will finalize the cost of the whole installation process.

Labor Cost To Install Laminate Flooring?

The average labor cost to install laminate flooring is between $4 to $8. Its installation is like putting together a giant puzzle.

Labor cost includes the underlayment and installation of the floors and might also include cleaning the room. The labor cost also includes preparing the surface before installing the laminate floors. However, prepare the surface before the labor if you want to save some money.

If you’re using Pergo laminate flooring then the labor cost is $1.72 per square foot.

Choosing a professional for installation is very essential because this will ensure that you do not need to end up with a floor that looks costing little and is cheaply made. 

The Fair Price Brand To Install Laminate Flooring?

You will come across different brands which install laminate flooring at their price ranges and each brand has its specific qualities and specifications. Among all known laminate-installing brands, you will see a few fair-price brands that install laminate floors. 

You can see the fair price brands online and in some local home improvement stores. Home Depot, Lowes, floors USA, wood floor warehouse, and Christoff Sons Floorcovering offer a fair price cost to install laminate flooring.

The resale value of your home solely depends on the flooring and it is very crucial to properly install the floors. Because it will not only affect the look of your area rather also offers the most realistic appearance. 


In a nutshell, the average cost to install laminate flooring revolves around $900 to $4500. Laminate is a cheap alternative to hardwood and is less expensive than hardwood. 

Laminate flooring is very popular and these floors are the very great way to bring a high-end look to your home at a lower cost. These floors also mimic the appearance of a wood floor and cover any scratches and damage quickly.

Lastly, concerned a professional contractor that will guide and provide you with the best estimate for your project. Also, will provide you with a beneficial analysis of the average cost to install laminate floors. (help you to decide which type is meeting the requirements of your home)

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