From Ground to Wall: Choosing the Perfect Flooring for Accent Wall

Curious to know what flooring to use as an accent wall? because your next plan is to give your focal point wall a charming and more trendy look using flooring.

There are different flooring to use as an accent wall among which the best are vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, tile flooring, ledger stone flooring, and hardwood flooring.

When you dip yourself in the sea of best flooring options to create accent walls. You will come across multiple prospects and it will evolve a headache to decide upon a single more reasonable choice according to your needs and requirements. 

I researched and gathered the data below, including the 5 best flooring options to create an accent wall.

Use Vinyl Flooring For An Accent Wall

Vinyl flooring is one of the most trendy flooring options used to create an accent wall.  Among the four types of vinyl flooring (Engineered vinyl plank, peel and stick, sheet, and luxury vinyl plank) and you can use any type that you think better go with your style, wall, budget, or needs. 

Vinyl flooring is best for waterproofing it is 99.9% waterproof. Thus, If you are Remodeling a kitchen the vinyl flooring accent wall is the better option to opt for. Even more vinyl flooring is most acceptable for the kitchen but what is the best vinyl flooring for the kitchen?

Moreover, there are many other good reasons to consider using vinyl flooring. That includes easy installation, low price, durability, a vast variety of design collections, and long-term value.

Aside from it for the washroom, and kitchen accent wall this flooring is best. It is suggested that always use thin vinyl planks to create an accent wall and do not use a thicker vinyl plank.

The expansion gap is very necessary as the material will expand and contract with moisture at different levels. So, always keep a good elongation gap between the planks.

Lastly, to make the installation more enduring always use good quality adhesive as the use of the right glue is very significant. ( the accent wall will withstand more tear and wear)

You Can Use Laminate Flooring For Accent

Laminate flooring is also one of the widespread types of flooring used to create An Accent Wall. It also has an assortment of options, inexpensive, enduring, easy to clean, and also mimics natural wood.

You can easily install laminate flooring on your wall and the process of installing laminate floors on walls is the same as on floors. In spite of that, it is crucial to note the planks are permanently attached to the wall. 

However, you must note that an extension gap is necessary to keep when installing the planks because it will not affect the accent wall in various atmospheric conditions. For a better experience, I suggest leaving the planks in a room before installation it will prevent problems with expansion and shrinkage.

Laminate flooring accent walls give a charming and elegant look to any room however, a much better choice for shelving areas and fireplace areas.   

Bear in mind that you can not install the laminate flooring over the paneling or wallpaper walls.                  

Use Of Tile Flooring As An Accent Wall

Tile flooring is regarded as the most versatile and long-lasting material to create accent walls and tile is more resistant to moisture. Thus, for rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry.

What flooring to use as an accent wall?

A tile accent wall is also a good choice. 

You can use the tile flooring to create an accent wall using advanced digital imaging. This is the system that converts printed artwork into digital images. Using this technology you can create a tile flooring wall. 

Furthermore, you can also incorporate tile into your accent wall using the geometric pattern. using the different patterns you can give texture to your wall and create an attractive look by beautifully blending the shape and color. The patterns and images of your mind will shine on your wall.

The use of tile flooring for the accent walls gives the feeling of a more spacious and inviting space and It also adds some dimension to your space. 

You will find different types of accent tiles in the market tiles all designs makes a dramatic impact on your home. Like the textured accents, mosaics, and herringbone patterns always choose the right style that matches your space and also complements other decorative items of the home.

Use Of Ledger Stone Flooring To A Form Accent Wall

The ledger stone is a stack of pieces of natural stones that are infinitely versatile. The ledger stone is also another option to create an accent wall. Its uniqueness is that it adds dramatic texture and three-dimensional interest to a vertical surface.

It has good durability and gives fascinating look at first glance. This stone veneer is best to give an incredibly charming look to any area wall. It is very lightweight and you can easily have it on the wall.

The ledger stone is a great option to create an accent wall it has a winder catalog of design and style collections from neutral earth tones to honed options. 

The stacked stone is a very versatile material and you can use it in your bathroom, fireplace wall, living room, bedroom even corridor wall. The ledger stone flooring and accent wall will give life to the area.

It is very easy to maintain you just need to dry mop once a week or twice a week or you can just dust the stone.

Use Hardwood Flooring To Create An Accent Wall

Hardwood is one of the easy options to install and also a versatile option. Wood is in general not long-lasting and can easily depreciate and not withstand moisture. However, a wooden wall serves as an excellent sculptural element. 

Hardwood flooring provides a variety of ways to create an accent wall. There are also various styles you can select to create the statement wall using hardwood flooring that includes wainscoting,( good for a traditional look) paneling, and a herringbone pattern.

Furthermore, prefer material that stands up to stains and scratches without fading or depreciating with time. In general hardwood floors are also long-lasting but they are usually expensive to install.


The vinyl plank, laminate, tile, ledger stone, and hardwood flooring are used to create an accent wall. Choosing the best flooring to make a statement wall of your room is not only important from a practical point of view instead it is very crucial to give a more welcoming and, modern look to your focal point of the room.

The material used to make an accent wall is the core element to give you the best result thus, the selection of the right and acceptable material is crucial to complement your space and design preference.

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