Choosing Between Curtains and Blinds for Your Bedroom

curtains or blinds, like the color, themes, and furniture window treatments, curtains, and blinds also add significant value to your bedroom but it is crucial to know, should the bedroom have curtains or blinds?

Should the Bedroom have curtains or blinds?

Curtains Or Blinds, A bedroom should have blinds than curtains. The use of curtains is the best window treatment but blinds are becoming a popular and a better choice for bedrooms.

In today’s blog, I will help you to solve this aesthetic mystery, curtains or blinds for your bedroom. Ultimately, you will know which works best and which doesn’t work in your bedroom.

What Is The Difference Between Curtains And Blinds?

Before indulging in the debate about curtains or blinds for the bedroom. let’s know what exactly are they. And what is the difference between them?

Blinds (Should The Bedroom Have Curtains Or Blinds?)

The blinds are the type of window covering that covers the window directly, keeps the sun out, and stops the internal lighting from escaping.  

It is composed of slats or vanes. They can be tilted open or closed to let light in and out. Blinds are good window treatments for complete light control and privacy.

Compared to curtains blinds are more durable as they are made from long-lasting materials. (which usually includes wood, plastic, vinyl, synthetic materials, and metal)

A variety of blinds are available in the market of blinds which includes Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, and Roman Blinds. Such, wide range help to complement your bedroom decor.

Unlike curtains, blinds cover the whole window perfectly and provide fewer chances of escaping the light. They are made as per window size. Also, a great choice to get a sound long night’s sleep. (select the thicker fabric material if you want to block out all of the sun or street light)

Curtains (Should The Bedroom Have Curtains Or Blinds!)

The Curtains are a type of window treatment usually made from fabric material and hang in front of the windows. They take up more space than blinds.

Further curtains are essential for any room because they control light and provide insulation. also a sense of style to your room. But, not good for indoor air quality which is an important factor for your health.

They are also good window treatments that add a  personal test of your bedroom. Regardless, curtains for bedrooms are not the better choice to consider because they are usually wider than the actual windows which shows a sense of compact space.

 You will find curtains available in a variety of materials such as silk polyester cotton fiber and many more. But, these materials are not more enduring than the materials of blinds.

Should You Invest In Curtains Or Blinds For Your Bedroom?

If you want privacy you should invest in blinds for your bedroom rather than curtains. In addition, to that blinds are enlisted in the modern and up to dated window treatment trend.

Blinds play a vital role in the energy efficiency (especially in warm weather) of the bedroom and also modify the temperature of the bedroom. Also, a great way to add style, color, privacy, and a layer of insulation to your bedroom windows.

Blinds are practical and functional parts of the bedrooms, they can even be custom-made to fit your specific window dimensions and shape. Unlike the curtains which not only cover your window rather the whole wall. 

Curtains block too much light from entering your bedroom and do not provide an amicable environment. Thus, curtains lack the airy and delicate feel of the bedroom.

So, considering such key benefits of blinds it will be a better choice to invest in blinds for your bedroom than in curtains.

Do Curtains Or Blinds Make A Room Look Bigger?

The best part of blinds is that they are the most suitable choice for compact spaces. Blinds make a room bigger, lighter, and wider than curtains.

The size of the bedroom is the main factor to consider before deciding on the type of window treatment. If you have a small room then investing in a blind is the best choice. ( even the spaciousness adds to the beauty of the bedroom) 

In addition, Curtains cover most parts of the window and hence give an overwhelming look. But, on another side, the blinds consume less space and give a bigger look to the room. 

Further, you can hang the blinds inside the recess as well unlike the curtains. Blinds are also low maintenance making them a perfect choice for your bedroom.

Apart from this, you will find blinds that will fit all types of windows. (oblong, or bay windows)

Advantages Of Blinds Over Curtains

Generally speaking, the list of advantages of blinds is more in contrast to the curtains. The streamlined appearance of the blinds matches almost any existing decor.

We have been watching since childhood that curtains are always on Priority when it comes to homey options. But now it’s time to say no to curtains. 

As The alternative window treatment blinds are more comprehensive and versatile than curtains. Likewise, they can make places very decorative and go with any type of room style or design.

The fact that blinds are more enduring than curtains can’t be neglected. Even blinds demand less care and attention than corresponding curtains. 

Also, blinds make the spaces more neat providing a consoling environment. They are the better option for controlling light over curtains. 

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Which Blind Is Best For The Bedroom?

2023 is the year of the water rabbit which means it is the year of longevity, peace, hope, and prosperity. It is very essential to choose the best type of blind for your private room.

From the range of styles and colors to choose you to need to keep in mind several things.

The bedroom architecture, the neighborhood, the size of the bedroom, and the amount of light entering the bedroom. once you’ve done that then narrow down your needs.

blind with sheer vanes

Firstly, if you want a soft light in your bedroom then go for the blind with sheer vanes. Such blinds not only prevent glare but also trap the negative rays to enter your bedroom.

Roman Blinds

Secondly, Roman Blinds are also the best option if privacy is your priority. These blinds can also be lined up with blackout liners or thermal linings which prevents heat loss. (also reduces the outside noise, making it more sound to sleep)

wooden blinds

Thirdly, wooden blinds are also great types to select as the new dressing for your bedroom window. A key benefit of these blinds is that they are durable and versatile. They Come in multiple sizes and designs. Also, not clogged up with dust so a much better choice for those who are allergic.

vertical blinds

Furthermore, vertical blinds are also a classic choice and trendy choice for the bedroom. Even these blinds don’t need a higher degree of maintenance and are very simple to operate.

cellular blinds

Moreover, cellular blinds are also a good choice for the bedroom as they are insulating. These blinds help in maintaining the temperature of the bedroom. (better for areas where the temperature is very high)


In a net shell, Should the bedroom have curtains or blinds? the blinds are the best choice to consider for your bedroom than the curtains. (If convenience is your priority)

Sometimes it is crucial to consider the functionality above design. Though these are the best choice for smaller rooms blinds are a great alternative to curtains. You can hang it on the exterior or into the recess of the window.

 Aside from it, blinds offer more ways to control the light compare to curtains and bring a cozier feel to the bedroom. 

Lastly, choosing from both also depends on your budget, needs, preferences, and decor taste. But, bear in mind blinds is the best option for achieving a pleasing, functional bedroom than curtains.

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