Illuminate Your Bedroom: Best Mirror Placement for Lighting

The placement of a mirror in your bedroom is very essential to take into account. You might be curious to know, Where to Put a Mirror in the Bedroom for the Best Lighting?

Put the mirror in the bedroom behind the door, opposite a window, beside a window, and on the same wall as the window for the best lighting.

Places like above the dresser, on the vanity, and beside your bed are also better to put a mirror. The size of the bedroom also matters in the setting of the mirror.

Placement of a mirror beside the bed.

It often happens that sometimes you find yourself very good-looking in one mirror, but when you look into another mirror with the same outfit and makeup, you feel like the ghost of the granny’s stories.

let’s be clear, it is not the mirror that alters your look. Rather it’s the placement of the mirror that affects your look differently. Thus, in this article, I will provide a complete guide regarding mirror placement in your bedroom.

Where Should I Put a Mirror to Get More Light?

It is a fact that lighting is one of the factors that makes or breaks a bedroom’s design and mood. So, it’s very crucial to place the mirror in the right position in your bedroom for the best lighting. Right mirror placement is also necessary for functional and practical benefit. 

Below you will come to know some major places ( for both small and large bedrooms) where you can place the mirror.

Mirror Placement for Smaller Bedrooms

If you have a small and dark bedroom putting a mirror will not only doubles the place but also make it brighter. 

To get more light in your bedroom here are the main places to put your mirror:

  • Place a big mirror opposite the window
  • Beside the window
  • Next to the bed
  • Behind the door

Placing the mirror in above mention areas will increase the intensity of natural light in a bedroom. It will ultimately brighten up your bedroom. 

Setting a mirror opposite or beside the window will increase the reflection of light. It will turn a dim, shady, trimmed, and small bedroom into, a luminous, broader, and fresh bedroom. 

Moreover, the addition of mirrory objects in the bedroom reflects the light. Such objects give the feel of a brighter and wider bedroom. So, you can also add materials like decorating mirrors, or furniture with glass or mirror accents. You may use other reflective substances like silver frames, etc to give a mirror illusion to your bedroom.

Mirror Placement for Larger Bedrooms

Comparing to the smaller rooms larger rooms easily take the set of mirrors. The suggested positions mentioned above for mirror placement in a small and dim bedroom can be also applied to a larger and broader room for the best lighting.

However, the advantage of having a broader and larger bedroom is that you have enough space to accommodate a mirror. Therefore, if you have a large bedroom you can place a big mirror:

  • Behind a door
  • Next to your bed but it should not directly face your bed
  • On wardrobe doors
  • Above any mantelpiece 

The major aim is to choose a place that will bring light into the bedroom and make it wider and lighter.

Best Places for a Bedroom Mirror

If you want a good vibe from the mirror of your bedroom, then placing a mirror in the best direction of your bedroom is mandatory.

The best area to put a mirror in your bedroom is next to the bed or opposite a window. In addition to that, behind the door and above a mantelpiece is also the preferable places in the bedroom to place a mirror. 

For instance, a mirror should be positioned in such a way that will make your bedroom lighter and more luminous.

Furthermore, placing a mirror in the right place will reflect more light into the bedroom rather than deflection. The mirror will add more magnificence and attraction to the sleeping room making it more comfortable, warm, and cozy. 

Mirror(s) of the bedroom not only fills your bare and empty walls but also gives a unique and extraordinary look to your bedroom with natural lighting.

Where Should You Not Hang a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

As mirrors are the best tools to amplify the light and make a bedroom feel bigger and broader. Proper placement of a mirror is necessary to not give the name tacky to your bedroom.

The ideal option to put a mirror in your bedroom is a place where you can stand back far enough to see your entire self in it. The position of the mirror also determines the lighting of the bedroom.

Avoid putting the mirror in these places in your bedroom:

  • Across the bed or opposite the bed of your bedroom
  • On the ceiling of your bedroom
  • The mirror should not face any other mirror in your bedroom 
  • Do not put the mirror on doors, and an armoire
  • In front of the front door
  • Mirror facing the bed
  • Facing the toilet
  • Above your bed

What Type of Mirror Is Best for the Bedroom?

The mirror is a multifunctional piece in your bedroom. Although the direction and position of the mirror matter a lot in the functioning of the mirror, it is also important to note that the type of mirror is also an essential influencer.

A large rectangular mirror gives a stunning look to the bedroom.

A concave mirror is usually the best choice for the bedroom. Apart from that, a plain large rectangular or square mirror is a better type of mirror to hang in the bedroom. Such mirrors create an actual image with a little distortion. 

A large, rectangular mirror that is hung above the bed or positioned opposite the window is in trend and practice. It adds glamorous to your bedroom and no doubt mirrors are one of the main practical and functional pieces of the bedroom.  

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Should a Mirror Face the Window in the Bedroom?

A mirror facing the window is one of the best locations to place in your bedroom. Positioning a mirror in the direction of the window has many significant benefits: the bedroom appears wider, creates the illusion of more space, and welcomes more light into the room.

If your mirror is in the direction of the window then rest assured because it will reflect positive energy along with the stunning outside scenery. 

Aside from this, if you’re considering that a mirror facing the window is a sign of bad luck, then it’s time to throw out the superstitious thoughts. There is not a bit of bad luck associated with it. Even from the perspective of feng shui, a mirror facing the window does not reflect bad energy, and you can confidently place the mirror in this direction.

However, bear in mind that if your outside is full of bad energy, and poison rays, then you will be exhausted both mentally and physically.

Final Thoughts!

In wrapping up the topic of where to place a mirror in the bedroom for the best lighting, I conclude that across from the window, beside the bed, on the wall beside the window, and behind the door are the optimal locations to position your mirror within the room.

Mirrors are used to reflect our appearances, and the Inappropriate placement of mirrors affects the light of your bedroom and its decoration.

Choosing the right and most preferable type of mirror will not only serve as a site to check your outfit before leaving but, will also be easier to frame your selfie shoot.

Lastly, the bedroom is the primary place where we refresh ourselves and the mirror is used for face-to-face communication. It also gives us feedback. 

Thus, it is especially important to keep the mirror in the right position to avoid any disturbing influences. But, trust me you are so much more than what you see in the mirror.

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