Natural or Not? Rethinking the Aesthetic Value of Artificial Plants

The decoration of a house with plants is one of the most eye-catching decor choices, unrivaled by any other type of home decoration. However, the question arises: is decorating with fake plants considered tacky?

Good quality fake plants gave a natural and real look and do not look tacky.

Decoration with fake or artificial plants is not as tacky as you are considering. Nothing compares to natural plants, and we can’t deny this fact. But, thanks to modern technology and designers, the highly created fake plant sometimes takes the appreciation of a real plant.

In this article, I am going to attempt to answer some of the burning questions about fake plant decorations.

Do Fake Plants Look Tacky?

The concept of fake plants is emerging in the decor industry. Decorating a home with fake plants does not always look tacky, especially if created using good and enduring materials.

The first and most important thing to consider is the quality of the fake plant. Secondly, the selection of the place where you put the fake plant also matters.

Once, I went to one of my designer friend’s home. As I entered the living room, my eyes hit on the stunning plants. They were placed in such a manner that one could not ignore them even if one wanted to. 

I was surprised to see such fascinating, greenish, and splashy plants. Meanwhile, I was unable to control my hands to touch and feel the cooling sensation of the pot plant, which was on the table. 

I rushed towards the table. Wow! It’s so fresh and pretty I said while touching it. I was astonished when I closely judged the plant. I came to know that it is a fake plant, not a real one, yet the atmosphere was so consoling.

The plant was not God’s creation but rather a human mind’s creativity. It was challenging for me to believe it is not a natural plant.

The reason behind telling my story is, I want you to know that decoration with fake plants does not look tacky all time. It’s crucial to note that I am not talking about dollar plants or cheap quality plastic plants. 

Fake plants that are made from high-quality, long-lasting materials never look tacky.

Is It Okay to Put Fake Plants in the Bedroom?

A bedroom is a place in the home where you reset, recharge, or unplug yourself. A medium or mini fake plant will look neat in your bedroom.

The fake plants provide the feeling of a peaceful environment and it’s better to have a fake plant in your bedroom to boost your energy level. You can place the fake plant behind the mirror of your bedroom or on the side tables.

Based on the fact that living plants discharge carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen at night it’s not safe to sleep with living plants for long nights. It can lead to health problems like headaches, dizziness, convulsions, and blood pressure. 

Even more, If you have children it may lead to serious health problems such as asthma, respiratory tract infractions, or pulmonary disorders.

It’s ok to have 2 or 3 plants in your bedroom, but dozens in number will not only spoil your test in design to the viewer but also looks tacky in your bedroom. Excess of everything is not good, so decorating your bedroom with more fake plants is tacky.

A high-quality artificial plant will give you a deep sense of rest if you are around it in your bedroom. Also, the taller fake plants do not give a sound atmosphere in your bedroom.

Lastly, an inferior quality faux plant in your bedroom looks tacky. So, always opt for the better quality one. 

Do Fake Plants Look Good or Tacky?

Fake plants look better when they are made from high-quality materials. Before purchasing a Fake plant, make sure to check its quality. It is key to acquiring a stunning and genuine-looking fake plant.

Moreover, the presence of fake plants in your residence brings a natural look and obtains the unpretending and soothing effects of nature into your home. 

Artificial plants persuade peace and calmness creating a more attractive spot. However, fake plants are those artificial plants that cannot yield or produce oxygen.

Whereas, they are truly practical in boosting your mood, refreshing the atmosphere, and giving a smooth, satisfying, cozy, and natural look to the area. 

Fake plants in the home enhance your mood and confidence. They also improve productivity and focus. Hence, decorating with fake plants is not tacky.

Is Decoration With Fake Plants Tacky?
A fake plant resembling a natural one.

Is It Okay to Decorate with Fake Plants?

For interior decor, fake plants are the more suitable choice for decoration. If you are too busy in your hectic routine or hardly have some free time then fake plants are a good option for decoration.

Along with fake plants, if you use some real plants in decoration it will offer a realistic and natural look to your surroundings.

For illustration, using faux plants for decorations is another way to bring charming, calming, and relaxing miracles to the interior.

Besides all these benefits most fake plants defend us against the pests that are separated due to real plants in the home. You don’t need to keep an eye on the bugs. Also, fake plants will not look messy as natural plants.

Should You Keep Fake Plants at Home?

You can keep fake plants at your home and trust me, they will not look tacky. Furthermore, for those who want to give a natural look to their homes, plants are the only decorating source for them. 

But, in today’s busy life, it’s hard for most people to grow and maintain natural plants. Thus, they rely upon fake plants. 

You can put fake plants in your bedroom, living room, dining room, guest room, and washroom. However, it is crucial to note that not every fake plant is an ideal choice to put in your home.

Here are some helpful tips when picking a fake plant for your home:

  • Don’t go for cheap or nasty quality fake plants.
  • The quality of the plant should be your first preference.
  • The leaves or petals should feel like the real ones. There should be a variation in the sizes of the leaves as natural leaves vary in size.
  • The pots or vases are one of the influential parts of the fake plants. The designs of the pots should match your home decor or not contrast with your plant. 
  • Never compromise with the color of the plant because it complements the space. It’s the color of your fake plant that gives a natural look at first glance.  
  • Always consider the high-quality material or texture of the plant.
  • Choose the proper size of the plant and pots. They should not be too small that the plant looks overgrown.

Why Do People Prefer Fake Plants?

Here are some reasons why most people prefer artificial plants.

  • It’s not easy to grow and maintain a natural plant. Fake plants need little attention and care, unlike real plants which are not easy to handle.
  • Natural plants are exposed to allergies and infection and no one wants to put their family at risk of health.
  • Artificial plants are budget-friendly and usually, come with less price tag than the real ones.
  • Fake plants have more lifespans than real ones.
  • Artificial plants never wilt or die. They are portable and never quickly lose their natural look.
  • It is easy to change the location of the artificial plant according to the demand of time.

Final Thoughts

Pay close attention to the quality of the fake plants that you are using in decoration. Dozens of options and designs are available in the faux market and always prefer your needs and requirements.

Apart from that, the quickly fading or deteriorating fake plants not only look tacky but also show your bad taste in decor and design. The highly constructed fake plants give a close enough effect as a real plant. 

You will find a variety of fake plants in the market, don’t invest your money in low-quality plants. Although it will make your wallet happy for some time, but it will never improve the interior design aesthetic of your home, studio apartment, office, restaurant, or hotel.

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