From Old to New: Discovering if DFS Takes Away Your Old Sofa

Does DFS take old sofas away? Because many retailers do not offer the facilities for sofa removal. Removing an old sofa sometimes creates health, safety, and environmental issues. So, it is very crucial to remove your old sofa safely.

Dfs takes old sofas away.

DFS, take your old sofa away in collaboration with Clearabee. The Sofa Rescue team collects, disposes of, recycles, offsets the carbon emissions, and the customer is informed about the sofa. The furniture is diverted from the landfill.

When you are planning to move into a new place or buy a new sofa. The first issue that arises is getting rid of the old couch. 

In today’s article, we will disclose, does DFS take the old sofa away. Also, we will cover the cost of DFS, how to book, and how responsible they are in this action.

Trust me this five minutes reading is going to be very beneficial if you want to get rid of your old sofa.

What Is DFS?

DFS stands for Distributed File System it is a furniture retailer in the US, Spain, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Founded in 1969, the founder is Graham Kirkham and Baron Kirkham. Its headquarter is in Doncaster, United Kingdom.

DFS is also on the list of the London Stock Exchange. (DFS Furniture plc) It has more than 128 stores in the united states. The furniture retailer company DFS also owns four separate brands which are Dwell, Sofa Workshop, and Sofology.

DFS is well known in the market of sofas and the removal of old furniture. Most of the sofas manufacturing facilities are available in the united states. The majority of sofas are handmade and enduring. It provides a warranty of 15 years.

DFS is one of the leading names in the sofa market. Visit, Are Sofas Better Than Beds?

How to Book Dfs to Remove The Old Sofa?

The booking system of the DFS (furniture retailer in the united kingdom ) is not a lengthy or challenging task to complete. The DFS provides hassle-free online booking. Thus, a very easy process of booking is offered.

The booking is simple, effortless, quick, and efficient. Within a few minutes, you are done with the booking of the items and the removal of the old sofa. 

To book DFS to remove your no longer-use sofa before placing the order for a sofa you need to choose a sofa rescue service. It is your choice to choose the day of collection before the delivery of your new sofa.

After finalizing the sofa rescue service a responsible person from Clearabee will contact you. And arrange a collection date and day. Clearabee is the UK’s largest in-house clearance company.

You only need to tell them the number of items want to remove and the representatives of the DFS will take away all your unwanted sofas or furniture with proper care and safety.

How Much Does The Dfs Sofa Rescue Service Cost?

The removal of the old sofa through DFS is not expensive, unlike the other furniture removal companies.

Though DFS old sofa removal prices are fixed, they still vary according to the size of the sofa. Bigger the size more money you suppose to pay and the smaller the size you can expect to pay less money.

When adding the sofa rescue with the delivery of a new sofa. A service cost of $89 is charged for up to three pieces. Same charges it applies either removing the sofa from inside or outside of your property.

Moreover, they charged in advance to ensure the booking, save time, and not create space issues on the day of collection. 

Through the fixed price and advance collection, you will know what you are expending before finalizing the booking. It also ensures that how much they are responsible for their work.

Do Dfs Remove Old Sofas In Ireland?

DFS removes the old sofas in Ireland. For the deliveries made in Ireland, DFS charges $89 including the installation. However, the same charge is not applicable above the 40 miles distance by road of any DFS store. 

For the delivery of orders outside 40 miles, they provide a personal quotation which includes channel islands and mainland Europe. DFS not only removes the old sofas in Ireland but also installs your furniture to destinations outside the Republic of Ireland. 

So, rest assured and book the sofa removal service of DFS and get rid of your no-more-use sofa in Ireland.

Does The Dfs Deposit Get a Refund?

The deposit paid is refunded from the DFS. The same method of original payment is used to refund the deposit within two weeks.

Many retailers and furniture companies did not refund once the amount is paid. But, the trustworthy largest retailer in the united states DFS does refunds. Rest assured Dfs is one of the best and most reliable companies.

before making a purchase it is very crucial to be aware of the terms and policies of the company. If you don’t know what you will get the giving you will end up losing your hard-earned cash.

So, if you don’t know how you will be treated after demanding back the paid deposit that will not match up with your investment. Thus, investigate and take the appropriate steps before finishing.

Finale Thought! DFS takes old sofas away

In conclusion, does DFS takes the old sofa away?  DFs take your old sofa away effortlessly. Sofa rescue service and partner of DFS Clearabee are responsible for removing and disposing of your old sofa away from hazardous waste. 

They will remove your old sofa on the exact date that you mentioned without any delay or inconvenience. (offering a trustworthy and on-time response)

Even more, DFS will not charge a high amount to remove your old sofa away. DFS recycles the sofa as much as possible thus giving an eco-friendly service.

Likewise, it also disposes of non-recyclable elements. So, never forget to add the sofa rescue service to your basket when finalizing the order of the sofa from the DFS.

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